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Monday, June 17 - Friday, June 21, 2024 | Resident & Commuter Options

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Whether you're new to the world of Dungeons and Dragons or a seasoned adventurer, this camp is the perfect place to learn, create, and make lasting memories. Get ready for a week of creative world building, thrilling quests, and imaginative storytelling through the realms of magic and adventure! 

This exciting program is open to middle and high school students aged 12-18, as well as 2024 high school graduates.  No prior D&D knowledge is necessary in order to participate. 

Important Dates:

Residential and Commuter Check-In: Sunday, June 16 from 1 - 4 pm

4 pm: Student Orientation
6 pm: Dinner
7 pm: Meet & Greet

Program Start Date: Monday, June 17 
Program End Date: Friday, June 21

Residential Move-Out: Friday, June 21 (evening) or Saturday, June 22 (morning)


Class Outlook

Classes will be held Monday - Friday with a 1-hour lunch break on campus.
This camp will cover gameplay, character and world development, and dungeon master/player resources and skill building.
The below is subject to change. 
Monday, June 17 Schedule
Time Activity
9 - 9:45 am Welcome, Introduction to D&D
10 - 11:45 am Intro to Gameplay
12 - 1 pm Lunch at Residential Dining Facility
1 - 1:45 pm Mini Painting
2 - 2:45 pm Creating Minis with 3D Printers
3 - 3:45pm DM/Player Resources or Finish Character Sheets


Tuesday, June 18 Schedule
Time Activity
9 - 9:45 am Character Creation
10 - 10:45 am Character Classes
11 - 11:45 am Ability Scores
12 - 1 pm Lunch at Residential Dining Facility
1 - 1:45 pm Equipment / Spells
2 - 2:45 pm Character Sheet Wrap-Up
3 - 3:45 pm DM/Player Resources or Finish Mini Painting


Wednesday, June 19 Schedule
Time Activity
9 - 9:45 am DM Skills Part 1
10 - 10 am DM Skills Part 2
11 - 11:45 am DM Skills Part 3
12 - 1 pm Lunch at Residential Dining Facility
1 - 1:45 pm DM Skills Part 4
2 - 2:45 pm World Building
3 - 3:45 pm DM/Player Resources or Finish Mini Painting


Thursday, June 20 Schedule
Time Activity
9 - 9:45 am Review of World-Building Outlines
10 - 11:45 am Workshop: Creating a One-Shot
12 - 1:00 pm Lunch at Residential Dining Facility
1 - 2:45 pm Workshop: Creating a One-Shot
3 - 3:45 pm Student Presentations of Worlds and One-Shots


Friday, June 21 Schedule
Time Activity
9 - 11:45 am Gameday: Playing Through Student One-Shots
12 - 1 pm Lunch at Residential Dining Facility
1 - 3:45 pm Gameday: Playing Through Student One-Shots


Drop-Off / Pick-Up For Commuters

Commuter students should be dropped off each day in our designated "Drop-Off Zone".
This zone is located at Academic Hall, 201 Wood St., Pittsburgh, PA 15222. Parents and guardians should stop and park on Third Ave. The student should enter the building through the entrance facing Third Ave. and make their way to their assigned classroom. Pick-up will begin at 4 pm. Parents and guardians should plan to pick up their student in the same location. To view a campus map of our University, click here.


Fred Angiolieri

Fred Angiolieri is currently the Senior Director of Media Services at Point Park University, where he has been a staff member and a part-time faculty member for almost 20 years.  He was first introduced to the world of Dungeons and Dragons as an early teen and played first and second edition D&D all the way up through college.  After college, starting a career and a family took up a lot of time and unfortunately it was put away for many years, but his love for the game never faded.  A few years ago, his fire was rekindled after watching a popular D&D stream on YouTube and he went out and bought the latest fifth edition books.  With a desire to play, but no games to join he decided to take up the role as DM (Dungeon Master) and start his own group which has been getting together every 2-3 weeks since February of 2023.  “The best part about having this camp is it brings together two of my passions – teaching and playing games – into one experience and will hopefully spark interest in the game for the younger generation.”



Phillip Harrity

Phill Harrity has worked in the Point Park Library for over 15 years since graduating from Point Park in 2008. He is the Access Services, Archival Coordinator and Digital Image Manager for the university. Phill has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years. He has significant experience as a player and Dungeon Master, both in person and online. Throughout his years playing D&D, Phill has recognized the skills that are gained through playing such as: problem solving, cooperation, communication, and creative writing. Phill hopes that others can gain these skills and more through participating in this Dungeons and Dragons camp.

Dorm & Meals Information:

When applicable, residential students receive 3 meals on weekdays and 2 meals on weekends. Commuters receive a daily lunch buffet. All meals take place in our Lawrence Hall Dining Room.

Student Breakdown and Cost
Deposit $100
Tuition $500
Total Commuter $600.00
Add-On: Room/Board $650
Total Resident  $1,250.00


Available Discounts:
1. A 30% tuition discount is currently offered to Point Park University employees, alumni, and their immediate family members. Family is defined as yourself, your spouse, and/or your children. Dorm and meal plan costs are not available for this discount.

2. Enroll a participant in more than one program or register more than one child from the same family to receive $50.00 off your balance. This coupon can only be applied to one program or account.

Welcome to our campus!

All classes will be held on campus at Point Park University.


Point Park University
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

The option to live on campus is available to students at least 14 years old on the start date of the program. We will do our best to fulfill roommate requests, but requests are NOT guaranteed. Students will have the opportunity to enter requests during the registration process. 

Each residence hall has multiple points of secure access to student living areas, such as keycards, access codes, and lock and key. Students attending our workshop will stay in Thayer Hall. Thayer Hall offers double and triple occupancy rooms. A packing list will be sent closer to the workshop. Please be aware that bed linens (twin / extra-long linens) will need to be supplied by the student. 

Adult Resident Assistants (RAs) live on campus to supervise students who are minors. Each RA is responsible for eight to ten minors.

Community and Summer Education Contact Information
Email SummerCamps@PointPark.Edu
Call 412-392-3456
Connect Facebook  Instagram