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For now, put an alert into Finishline. The University has a limited amount of computers and tablets available for students. Online learning and the CIE are trying to come up with creative solutions moving forward.
There is a list of what wireless and internet providers are offering students available on the Faculty COVID-19 page and the Center for Student Success page.
 It is important to know that students are in their online courses and proceeding in their coursework.  If you are holding synchronous sessions, you can take regular attendance as you do in your face-to-face classes.  If you are asynchronously handling your courses, you can check the attendance of students by their participation in discussion boards, submission of assignments, etc.  If you would like to look at how students are participating in your courses, you can check on this through the analytics function in Schoology.  If you need help using analytics, please email  Lastly, active work in online classes is an important measure for the Department of Education, which conveys that for online courses students must take an active participatory role in their courses with multiple log-ins per day or week.

As Dr. Pearson mentioned in his earlier message to all of us, as of Saturday morning at 12:01 a.m., faculty will not be able to get into buildings or offices. If there is an emergency—for example, forgetting a grade book or a stack of papers—contact Jordan Nofziger to get access. However, please give him 24-hour notice before coming to campus. The University is trying to restrict the amount of people on campus at one time, for obvious reasons.

Please contact IT if you know of a faculty member who does not have a computer or the necessary tools needed to work remotely.