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Point Park's department of environmental health and safety is under the supervision of the University Police, director of safety and security, who is responsible for coordinating all aspects of environmental management, occupational health, safety on campus, and implementing safety regulations for the University.

We are committed to preventing fatalities, injuries, illness and disabilities on the job and in the total campus community. The protection of our assets and maintenance of a safe and healthy campus environment is essential for productivity and excellence. The job is to ensure that the University maintains a safe and healthful living and working environment. We also lead the compliance effort on campus in order to make sure that environmental, health, and safety regulations are upheld. We provide many direct services to our faculty, staff, students, and visitors. We offer an array of training courses and related technical consultation.

Safety Committee

The Point Park University Safety Committee is charged with the tasks of reviewing, coordinating, evaluating, making recommendations and providing follow-up actions relative to an effective University safety program.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the safety committee, have questions about our programs or services, or would like to report a health and safety concern, contact Jeffrey Checcio, director of project, safety and risk management, at 412-392-8017 or email


  • To provide for an operative program to ensure control of a safe institutional environment for the protection of students, faculty, staff, visitors, and the community.
  • To ensure safety training at the departmental level by regular review and discussion with students, faculty and staff of the types of accidents occurring on campus, and the resulting safety requirements established to prevent further occurrences.
  • To establish mechanisms to monitor, evaluate, and improve processes relative to the provision of a safe environment, i.e., to identify hazardous job tasks, equipment and areas, and to correct each situation so that it may be rendered safe.

Safety Training and Emergency Evacuation Plan

Point Park University has an emergency evacuation plan set up by the environmental health and safety department to help with the orderly evacuation of the buildings in case of an emergency. Safety training is an important aspect of the evacuation plan, to prevent injury and panic. All members of the University community are familiarized with assembly areas, should there be a need for evacuation, and detailed steps on how to get there fast and without any injury or property damage.

Safety Guidelines

Safety guidelines are a set of rules conveyed to the members of the University community by the department of environmental health and safety. These guidelines are put in place to maximize the safety of people and property on the campus. It is the duty of all members of the University community to familiarize themselves with the safety guidelines and to adhere to them at all times. The University's safety guidelines are usually either available online or printed and handed to respective staff members.

Hazard Reporting System

Point Park University has a comprehensive hazard reporting system in place for the university allows any potential threats to be quickly identified, reported and investigated. This can prevent any further damage or injury from taking place. Point Park Universities has a comprehensive online hazard report system that allows students to quickly inform the department of environmental health and safety about possible problems.

Hazardous Waste Management Systems

Chemical waste is sometimes a harmful by-product of the research and experiments conducted at Universities, and the environmental health and safety department is there to ensure that it is managed properly. The department of environmental health and safety often distributes a waste management guide that clearly outlines the proper way to handle these materials. This guide covers any type of harmful waste product and the University policy regarding the handling of it. The department would also provide containers for the hazardous waste and appoint trained staff to handle the waste correctly.