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Dantes Equivalents for Point Park University

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Course Title
ACCT 101 Principles of Financial Accounting
ART 100 or COPA 251 Art of the Western World
BMGT 101 Introduction to Business
BMGT 202 Business Law II
BMGT 207 Human Resource Management
BMGT 208 Principles of Supervision
BMGT 295 Personal Finance
BMGT 300 Principles of Finance
CMPS 295 Management Info Systems
CMPS 295 Intro to Computers
ECON 306 Money and Banking
EDUC 226 Foundations of Education
ENGL 121 Principles of Public Speaking
ENGL 218 Technical Writing
ESCI 295 Astronomy
ESCI 301 Physical Geology
HIST 295 Contemp Western Europe (1946-90)
HIST 295 Intro to the Modern Middle East
HIST 295 History of the Vietnam War
HIST 373 Civil War and Reconstruction
HIST 295 Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
MATH 175 Principles of Statistics
MATH 180 Introductory College Algebra
NSET 110 Principles of Physical Science I
PHIL 201 Ethics in America
PHIL 215 Intro to World Religions
POLS 205 Human/Cultural Geography
POLS 295 or CRMJ 150 Introduction to Law Enforcement
POLS 308 or CRMJ 150 Criminal Justice
PSYC 295 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSYC 304 Fundamentals of Counseling
PSYC 312 Organizational Behavior
SOC 111 General Anthropology

General Electives

Business Mathematics 3 credits
Here's to Your Health 3 credits
Environment & Humanity:
The Race to Save the Planet
3 credits
Drug & Alcohol Abuse 3 credits