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 Portfolio Completion and Submission

  1. Students will complete the “Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Application” form
  2. Students will include the following elements in their PLA portfolio submission(s):
    1. Cover Sheet – This should include the student’s name, address, contact information, and the course code and title for which the PLA portfolio was created.
    2. Summary – This is a brief explanation of why experiences are equal to the college-level credit requested. Students will relate how their learning/experience aligns with the objectives from the course syllabus. (There is a suggested length of 1 page.)
    3. Items of Evidence– Items of evidence will show that students understand both the theories and applications of the discipline.
Documentation may include:
  • Resume
  • Job descriptions from company/organization website
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letters of verification
  • Annual or promotion evaluations
  • Professional licenses
  • Professional certifications
  • Proof of membership in professional/trade organizations
  • Military records and trainings completed
  • Commendations and awards
  • Non-collegiate or continuing education courses (Include course descriptions, learning objectives, syllabi, etc.)
  • In-service trainings/workshops/conferences
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Books published
  • Patents held
  • Machines designed
  • Conference presentations given
  • Grant proposals
  • Other suitable evidence or special accomplishmentsBibliography with any sources used/referenced in documentation.

Evaluation Process and Credit Award

  1. Students will submit complete PLA portfolio(s) electronically to the appropriate department chair who will submit it to the faculty evaluator.
  2. PLA portfolios must be submitted no fewer than six months before a student’s planned graduation date.
  3. The faculty evaluator has four to six weeks to complete the evaluation. Evaluators may ask for more information, additional documentation, or for an interview with the student before a final determination is made. Evaluations may take longer than six weeks, depending on these circumstances.
  4. After the faculty evaluator determines the credit award, they will submit the PLA portfolio and the completed PLA Portfolio Assessment form to the Office of the University Registrar.
  5. Students will receive a copy of the completed PLA Portfolio Assessment form with the final number of credits awarded.
  6. Letter grades are not awarded for PLA portfolios – a “P” designation only is given. The semester hours awarded will appear on a student’s transcript after the next grade report. No record is made if credits are not awarded.
  7. There is a $175.00 nonrefundable portfolio evaluation fee that is charged per portfolio. A separate PLA portfolio must be developed for each approved course.
  8. The fee for PLA portfolio credits is $125.00 PER CREDIT awarded.
  9. The process of submitting a portfolio for evaluation in no way guarantees a credit award. If a student is not satisfied with the evaluation, they have the right to request a meeting with the faculty evaluator(s). The final decision in all matters relating to the granting of academic credit rests with the faculty evaluator(s).
General Tips and Notes:
Portfolios should be thorough, easy to navigate, and have a professional appearance.
A portfolio is considered “public information” within the university staff/faculty. If there is confidential information that needs to be included, students should notify their advisor prior to portfolio submission.

Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio Forms