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Additional helpful information can be found in this PDF: Information Pages

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  1. Change of Address/Change of Name
  2. CLEP & Dantes Testing
  3. Course Book
  4. Course Registration
  5. Credit Hour Policy
  6. Cross Registration
  7. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Frequently Asked Questions
  8. Final Exams Schedule
  9. Graduation Application
  10. Learning Center
  11. Leave of Absence 
  12. Registration Forms PDFs
  13. Student Planner & Handbook Policies
  14. Veterans Services
  15. Withdrawal/Schedule Change

 The following links will take you to your Point Web page:

Change of Major/Concentration
1. You as the student should first and foremost have a conversation with your current CSS advisor, as well as your new advisor, to discuss new major requirements and an updated graduation timeline.

2. Students who change majors will be placed on the program guide in effect during the term that the form is processed.

3. Major changes may have an effect on your tuition rate, please connect with Student Accounts with any questions.

4. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Change of Modality
1. Financial aid and tuition charges will differ with these modalities. All students are required to speak to Student

2. Accounts and Financial Aid offices regarding changes to billing and their financial aid award before this form can be processed.

3. Modality changes can only begin at the start of a 15 week semester. Students cannot change mid-semester for a Subterm II start.

4. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.