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The purpose of ALICE training is to prepare individuals to handle the threat of an active shooter. The video on this page will show and teach individuals to participate in their own survival while leading others to safety. Though no one can guarantee success in this type of situation, this new set of skills will greatly increase the odds of survival should anyone face this form of disaster.

An active shooter is a person who is actively engaged in killing or attempting to kill people in a confined and populated area. In most cases, active shooters use firearms, and there is no pattern or method to their selection of victims. These dynamic situations evolve quickly and are usually over within 10 to 15 minutes. This demands immediate deployment of law enforcement resources to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to innocent victims.

Faculty, staff and students must be prepared both mentally and physically to deal with the situation. The Point Park University Police Department advocates preparedness for this type of incident and is proactively instructing members of our community on the ALICE principle of responding to an active shooter.

What to do in case of . . . Active Shooter

As soon as you are safe, call the Point Park Police at 412-392-3960 or dial 2222 from any campus phone. 

Be aware that phone lines may be overwhelmed.

ALERT - What to report:

  • Your specific location (building name and room number)
  • The number of people in your specific location
  • The number and type(s) of injuries
  • Location and number of shooters
  • Identity of shooter(s) if known
  • Assailant information: Race, gender, physical features, clothing, backpack or bag
  • Type of weapons (rifle, handgun, etc.)

LOCKDOWN - Secure your immediate area:

  • Lock and barricade doors
  • Turn off lights
  • Close blinds
  • Block windows
  • Turn off radios and computer monitors
  • Silence mobile devices
  • Remain calm, quiet and out of sight
  • Take adequate cover/protection, e.g., behind concrete walls, thick desks or filing cabinets
  • Place signs in exterior windows identifying the location of injured persons
  • An attempt to rescue others should only be made if it does not endanger persons in the secured area. Remember, a shooter will not stop until engaged by an outside force

INFORM - Communicating in real time:

Effective communication can keep the shooter off balance, giving people in campus buildings more time to further lockdown, or evacuate to safety. The PointALERT emergency notification system is in place to immediately communicate time-sensitive messages regarding potential or actual threats to your health and safety. You must opt-in and be registered to receive alerts. You may receive emergency notifications via text or email by signing up at

Emergency notifications are also placed on Point Park's website and on the University's Facebook and Twitter pages.

COUNTER - A worst-case scenario option:

If confronted directly in a life-and-death situation, you should use any actions necessary to defend yourself. Create noise, movement, distance and distraction with the intent of reducing the shooter's ability to shoot accurately.

EVACUATE - Remove yourself from the danger zone:

  • Consider all risks before un-securing a room
  • Stay put until contacted by police and follow police orders
  • Always keep your hands above your head with all fingers spread apart
  • Announce your presence by yelling, "We are coming out!"
  • Move quickly as far away from the danger as possible