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Stay Informed. Weather Radios enable you to monitor weather related forecasts, watches and warnings - 24 hours a day direct from the National Weather Service. You may also opt-in for Weather Warnings from PointALERT.

Severe Storm Watches and Warnings

A severe storm watch indicates that severe weather may affect your area. A severe storm warning indicates that severe weather conditions are definitely on the way.


If you are INDOORS, move away from windows or other objects that could fall, and to lower floors in multi-story buildings. Listen to your weather radio for emergency instructions.

If you are OUTDOORS, move into a building and avoid downed electric power lines, utility poles, and trees.

If you are DRIVING, pull off the road and stop away from trees. If possible, walk into a safe building. Avoid overpasses, power lines and other hazards. Listen to your radio for emergency instructions.


Check yourself and those around you for injuries.

Evacuate damaged buildings. Do not re-enter until declared safe by authorities.
Call 9-1-1 (or 9-911 from a campus phone) only to report a life threatening emergency.

Monitor your weather radio for instructions or an official "all clear" notice. Radio stations will broadcast what to do, the location of emergency shelters, medical aid stations, and the extent of damage.

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