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These strategic initiatives and their goals are central to Point Park University's vibrant future as a contemporary, urban university.
Goal 1 - University Academic Profile:

Elevate the academic profile of the University

Goal 2 - Online and Hybrid Programs:

Expand high quality online and hybrid programs to provide a Point Park education to populations underserved by the University's on-ground program

Goal 3 - Innovative, Integrated Learning:

Create opportunities for innovative, integrated learning

Goal 4 - Faculty Profile:

Elevate the regional and national profile of faculty

Goal 5 - Inclusive Excellence:

Promote Inclusive Excellence as a cultural and academic value

Goal 6 - Shared Governance:

Implement and practice the tenants of shared governance across University operations

Goal 1 - Experiential Learning Opportunities:

Connect every student with at least one meaningful experiential learning opportunity each year

Goal 2 - University Community and Pride:

Develop a sense of community and pride throughout the University

Goal 3 - Liberal Arts Foundation and Career Prep Connection:

Promote the connection between the liberal arts foundation and preparation for careers now and
throughout the lives of Point Park students

Goal 4 - Culture of Respect, Civility, Inclusivity:

Foster a culture of respect, civility, and inclusivity in the Point Park community for all students,
staff, faculty, alumni, and administrators

Goal 5 - Quality of Campus Life:

Assure the highest quality of life on campus

Goal 1 - Strategic Enrollment Plan:

Develop and implement an ongoing, rolling three-year strategic enrollment plan that ties directly
to a rolling three-year financial plan that clearly demonstrates the operational vitality of the
University and generates enough resources to reinvest in the University according to the Strategic Plan

Goal 2 - University Innovation Brand:

Leverage the University's brand to promote being on the cutting edge of innovation in
communications, media, technology, business, and the arts, inside and outside of the classroom

Goal 3 - Resource Development and Constituent Engagement:

Adopt models of resource development and constituent engagement that align and support the
University's strategic initiatives

Goal 4 - Board Designated Reserve Fund:

Grow the Board Designated Reserve Fund by 35 percent

Goal 5 - Workplace Productivity:

Implement integrated strategies and systems designed to increase workplace productivity by
developing improved processes for attracting, developing, retaining, and utilizing people with the
required skills and aptitude to meet the University's current and future needs

Goal 6 - Technological Infrastructure:

Build the technological infrastructure to enhance our instructional and administrative needs

Goal 7 - Facilities and Space Utilization:

Improve utilization of facilities and space

Goal 8 - Strategic Planning Assessment Strategy:

Develop a strategic planning assessment strategy to align resources with the plan

Goal 9 - Optimize the efficient use of University resources:

Optimize the efficient use of University resources across all levels of operations

Goal 1 - Doctoral-level Field Studies:

Create opportunities for field studies to complement doctoral-level coursework

Goal 2 - Dissertation Thesis Projects:

Leverage partnerships with the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, government agencies to create relevant and impactful dissertation thesis project opportunities

Goal 3 - Campus Communities Engagement:

Utilize our facilities and programs to engage campus communities to advance our mission

Goal 4 - Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement:

Emphasize the University's mission and focus on community engagement by attaining the "elective" Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement

Goal 5 - Constituent Outreach and Engagement:

Establish influential and impactful constituent outreach and engagement

Goal 6 - Alumni Engagement:

Strategic engagement with our alumni

Diamond SPOL- Strategic Planning Tutorial Video: 

A guided video tutorial for internal training on the University Planning Management System.