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Teaching Green and Living Green

Point Park is working to integrate sustainability through all aspects of student and campus life, from classes and activities to living spaces and encouraging a greener lifestyle.

Master of Science in Environmental Studies

The Master of Science in Environmental Studies includes courses such as:

  • Environmental Science
  • Economics and the Environment
  • Politics (Gov) and the Environment
  • Exploring the Environment and Health Connection
  • Environmental Ethics
  • Environmental Law and Environmental Communication.

Visit Environmental Studies to learn more about the program.

Local and National Involvement

Point Park is a participating and/or contributing member of a variety of local and national sustainability organizations. These organizations provide our students, faculty and staff with green and sustainability resources, networking and educational opportunities, programs and more. These memberships allow Point Park to stay active in sustainability issues and ideas. Just some of the organizations we are involved with include:

  • Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education
  • Green Building Alliance
  • Higher Educational Climate Consortium, sponsored in Pittsburgh by the Green Building Alliance
  • Sustainability Coordinators, sponsored by Sustainable Pittsburgh
  • U. S. Green Building Council

We also work with the City of Pittsburgh's sustainability initiatives, through its sustainability coordinator, to ensure our urban campus is a good, green neighbor.

SAVE Main ImageStudent Alliance for Vitalizing Earth (SAVE) Club

This student organization promotes awareness about the current climate changes and the effects these changes are having on our earth.

SAVE provides information to those who are interested in the simple ways to help bring life back to Earth and strive to bring small but significant changes to the campus.

Aramark's Recycle Mania

Aramark, Point Park's food service provider, sponsors the RecycleMania program on campus. This is a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in North America and Canada. During eight weeks each spring, schools compete in different categories to see which institution can

  • collect the largest amount of recyclables per capita,
  • collect the largest amount of total recyclables,
  • collect the least amount of waste per capita or
  • have the highest recycling rate.

On-Campus Recycling

Point Park's recycling program is aimed at building a greener campus. Students, faculty and staff can recycle paper, metal cans, glass, aluminum cans and plastic.

Each campus building floor has containers for recyclable materials. If you cannot locate a recycling container on campus, please contact Physical Plant at 412-392-3895.