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I Am Special and You Are Special Too 

Student Teachers: Kristy L. Hartz & Ashley Novak
Project Children L.E.A.D. Director: Dr. Vincenne Revilla Beltran
Subject Area: Diversity
Grade level: Kindergarten (Ages 5-6)
Length of Lesson: 60 minutes
Group Size: 6 students

1. Objectives:

Activity 1: Reading
The students will be able to listen to a book about being different and understand that everyone is different, but special in their own unique way.

Activity 2: Art Activity- Self Portrait
The students will be able to draw a picture of themselves using multi-cultural markers. Along with the drawing, the students will verbally answer the question, "What makes you special?"

Activity 3: Music- I am Special Song
The students will be able to recite and sing a song about being special.

Activity 4: Pulling it all Together

The students will be able to conclude that they are all special and unique in their own special way.


**Modifications :

*Behavior: Behavior issues will be addressed at the beginning of the lesson and throughout the lesson to enforce all classroom rules.

*Visual Modifications- All students who have visual impairments will be required to sit in the front during any reading or visually related activity. Extra assistance will also be provided if necessary.

2. Pennsylvania Early Childhood Learning Continuum Indicators:
A. Education Indicators:

1.5 Quality of Writing

1.5 Pre K-K Write, draw or use pictures to depict specific experiences, stories, people, objects, or events.

1.6 Speaking and Listening

1.6.K-1 A: Listen to others when they are speaking and demonstrate understanding of the message.

1.6. K-1 B: Listen to a selection of literature (fiction or non-fiction)
- Relate it to similar experiences
-Listen to the contribution of others.

-Display conversational turn taking behaviors.

1.6. K-1 F. Recite poems, rhymes, songs, and stories.

3. Materials:

*Activity One- Reading

-Book "" Written by Todd ParrIt's Okay to Be Different


-Children of the World Poster Pack (can be purchased at


*Activity Two- I am Special Self Portrait

-11x16" Poster Paper

-Multicultural Markers/Crayons

-Colored Markers

-I am Special Poem (see attached page)

-Paper strips-for hair

-Glue Sticks


*Activity Three- "I am Special Song"

-"It's Me"

-Song Lyrics for Instructors and Assistants (see attached sheet)


*Activity Four- Pulling it all Together

-Book "Everyone Is Special and Unique" Written by Regina G. Burch

-I am Special Ribbons (can be purchased at Holcomb's Know place)

4. Procedure:

  1. The teachers will begin the lesson by welcoming students and going over the classroom rules.

  2. The teachers will introduce the lesson "I am Special, You are Special Too" and will describe the activities that they will be doing.


    1. When entering the classroom the students will be instructed to walk quietly over to the rug and sit down.

    2. As a group, the students and teachers will review the classroom rules.

    3. The teacher will read the book "It's Okay to be Different" Written by Todd Parr. The students will listen to the book while also being asked to relate the book to their own similar experiences. Questions such as "Have you ever had Macaroni and Cheese in the Bath Tub?" will be asked.

    4. There will then be a brief discussion about the book. The students will be asked questions regarding the relation of the book to their own life and experiences.

    5. Photos of children from around the world will be posted on the bulletin board for the children to see.

    6. The students will take turns verbally pointing out distinguishing characteristics of the children on the posters.

    7. Through conversation students will discuss how all of the children are different, but very special in their own way.

    8. Students will be instructed to "march like soldiers" over to the art table, which will be set up with multicultural markers/crayons and poster board sheets.

    9. The teacher will share an example of what the students will be doing and will then read the "I am Special" poem to the class. She will then explain that this poem will be used later on in the activity.

    10. Teacher will ask the student if they know what a self-portrait is. There will be a brief discussion about what a self-portrait really is.

    11. Students will be instructed to draw a self-portrait in the middle of the page leaving room at the top and bottom for a title and poem.

    12. Once the drawing portion is complete, the teacher or a classroom assistant will help them to glue paper strips on for hair.

    13. A copy of the "I am Special" Poem will also be glued on-at the bottom of the page.

    14. On the top of the page the students will write, (Child's Name) is Special!!

    15. Supplies will be collected and students will be instructed to "hula like a hula dancer" to the center of the room to form a circle. (A circle can be created prior to the lesson by using tape-this will help to create more organization.)

    16. The teachers will introduce the song "It's Me"(see attached page) to the class in rote form.

      Rote Form-

      Step 1: The teacher will sing the song alone.

      Step 2: The teacher will break each line into parts and the students will repeat.

      Step 3: The teacher and students will sing all together.

      Step 4: The students will sing alone.


    17. After the students can sing the song alone, the teacher will show the movements that will go along with the song. (See attached page).

    18. As a group, everyone will sing the entire song and use the movements.

    19. Students will now be instructed to "fly like an airplane" back to the rug for a discussion of the day's activities.

    20. The teacher will read the book, "Everyone is Special and Unique" Written by: Regina G. Burch.

    21. As the students listen to the book, questions will be posed about what is going on in the photos. (Does everyone look alike? Are they all doing the same things? Do they all like the same kinds of foods?)

    22. The student's self-portraits will be passed out to them and they will be able to take turns sharing their portraits with the rest of the class and will tell everyone why they think they are special.


5. Evaluation:

  1. Of the Students: The students will be evaluated by their ability to demonstrate understanding of the message, "I am Special, and you are Special Too" by their ability to answer questions and by their participation in the activities. They will also be evaluated on their ability to listen while others are speaking and their ability to recite the "I am Special" song.

  2. Conclusion: To end the lesson, the teachers will ask students questions about the activities they participated in. The conclusion to the lesson will be the "Award's Ceremony" where each student will receive an "I am Special" ribbon to take home with them to remember the lesson that was learned in class.

  3. Of the Lesson: To be completed after the lesson is taught.



Resources :

Burch, Regina G. Everyone is Special and Unique. Photographs by Michael Jarrett. Creative Teaching Press. Huntington Beach, CA, 2002


Parr, Todd. It's Okay To Be Different. Little Brown and Company. New York, New York, 2001


I am Special Poem. (n.d.) Retrieved February 1, 2004, from


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Poem: to be placed at the bottom of Self-Portrait:


I am Special

Author Unknown

Here is my picture for everyone to see
No one else looks exactly like me
My hair, my eyes are different you see
My smile, my laughter are special to me
My nose, my mouth, hands and feet
make my features quite unique
So when you look upon my face
and see my "Angel shine"
You will know that I am special
because its all mine.

Song Lyrics: Author Unknown

It's Me

(Tune: Frere Jacques)

I am Special; I am Special (Stand tall and point to self)

Turn Around, you will see. (Turn around in a circle- one time)

Someone very special, someone very special. (Clap once each time "someone" is spoken)

Yes, it's me, yes, it's me! (Throw hands in the air)