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Individual instructors are responsible for copyright compliance including obtaining permissions from publishers to exceed fair use guidelines if necessary. Generally the Library will accept one reproduction of an item to be placed on reserve for every 20 students enrolled in a course (i.e. one photocopied chapter or one photocopied article per book or journal). The Point Park University Library reserves the right to decline placing any item on reserve that lacks copyright permission if the nature, scope, or extent is judged by the library to exceed the reasonable limits of fair use.

Procedure To Place Material On Course Reserve

All Course Reserve Material must be brought to the Library's Circulation Desk along with a completed Course Reserve Request Form (to print out form click on the provided link). To ensure the material is properly processed please provide all requested information (i.e. title, author, loan period, etc.). Most course reserve materials are processed and available to students within 3 business days of receiving the course reserve item(s). Items are processed in the order in which they are received. Be aware that personal copies require several labels and/or stamps on each item - this will result in some minor cosmetic changes to the material.

Please note:
The library cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal copies of materials placed on reserve.

Usage statistics for Course Reserve materials are provide at the end of each semester.

All Course Reserve material is removed at the end of each semester. Library material is returned to its original location and all personal copies and photocopies will be returned to the owning faculty member. Course Reserve material cannot be placed on course reserve for multiple semesters without filling out a new Course Reserve Request form.