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Borrowing Material

Borrowing privileges are extended to all members of the Point Park University community. To borrow material from the Point Park University Library present a valid Point Park ID at the circulation desk along with the material you wish to borrow. The length and condition of one's borrowing privileges vary according to borrower status and material type. Please consult the Library's Borrowing Policies and Privileges for more information.

Individuals are financially responsible for any overdue fines or charges that may be levied against their library account. All Patrons who fail to adhere to library borrowing policies and procedures will face a loss of borrowing privileges, both from Point Park University Library and from other libraries via reciprocal borrowing and interlibrary loan. All past due and billed accounts will be turned in to collections.

Recalled Material

If library material is needed by other library patrons, that material can be "recalled" from the person who currently has the item checked out. The reason for the use of a recall is to allow for the Library's limited resources to be shared by all. All items that are checked out are subject to recall and individuals who receive a recall notice via email are required to return the material by the date stated on the notice. Please note that individuals who check out material from the library are guaranteed a minimum use period (ranging from 3 to 14 days) before the recalled material is due back and any overdue recalled material is subject to fines.

Proxy Borrower Policy

Faculty members who have student assistants may choose to allow their student assistants to retrieve materials for them from the Point Park University Library. In order to set up a proxy borrower account for a student assistant, a faculty member must send an email to, noting the name of the student assistant and indicating that permission is granted for that student to check out materials on the sponsoring faculty members behalf. Materials checked out by a student assistant as a proxy borrower will be charged to the faculty member's account, and thus the faculty member is responsible for the return of those materials as well as any fines or fees incurred. The proxy borrower agreement is good for only a single semester.