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Point Park University Library strives to provide users with the information they need to be successful in their research and education.

Print and A/V Collections:
The Library evaluates the print and the A/V collections continuously to ensure they are relevant and up to date based on the following:

Currency: Provide accurate and up to date coverage. Superseded editions may be removed.

Usage: Remove items with low or no usage statistics. Removal based on usage will not apply to material purchased in the last 9 years to allow time for discovery and usage.

Physical Condition: Remove badly deteriorated or damaged copies and purchase replacement copies if necessary.

Duplicates: Remove duplicate copies based on usage and space limitations.

Uniqueness: Retain materials considered to be unique or of importance to the Library and its users.

Databases Subscriptions:
The Library evaluates database subscriptions annually based on the following:

Usage: Compile statistical reports at the end of the academic year.

Price: Provide cost per user based on statistical reports.

Budget: Discontinue subscription[s] decision based on usage, price and value to disciplines.