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The Point Park University Library is pleased to accept donations of all materials which are in good physical condition and support the objectives of the Library, and mission of the University. Upon receipt donated materials become the property of the Library. The decision to add gift materials to the collection will be made by Library Staff. Materials that do not meet the Library's collection development policies will be disposed of through sale, exchange, donation, or discard.

Retention and Circulation

Gifts to which the donor has attached conditions, such as those concerning retention, housing, classification and use, will not be accepted for inclusion in the Library collection.

Library is responsible for determining the retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to the use or disposition of gift materials.

All gift materials that are added to the general collection are shelved in the appropriate subject classification, the Library cannot maintain separate named collections.

The Library will not accept gifts when their physical condition does not allow normal library shelving and use.

The Library will not accept gifts on which a donor places restrictions that will negatively affect the use of the materials.

Acknowledgement and Receipt

Point Park University Library will provide an acknowledgement letter to the donor upon request.. The letter of acknowledgment notes the number of volumes received but does not include a list of the items or an estimate of the value of the gift.

Bookplates will be affixed to items if requested. In the case of gifts that have significant monetary value such as rare books, manuscripts, or if nature of the material does not allow for a bookplate one will not be affixed.

In accordance with United States tax regulations and the Association of College and Research Libraries "Statement on Appraisal of Gifts," the Library will not appraise the value of gifts in kind.

Each donor is responsible for determining their personal tax obligations and whether their gift requires appraisal.

The Library will not notify donors of each title's disposition or return items not added to our collection unless prior arrangements have been made.