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Pursue Supply Chain Management Positions in this Growing Field

Supply chain management is crucial to any business that makes and sells products. In addition to managing the logistics and physical movement of goods, supply chain professionals also rationalize resources and evaluate time, money and environmental impacts.

Job growth for supply chain executives is expected to expand at seven percent per year, with a median annual income of $134,000, according to CNN Money.

Supply chain management positions in high demand include operations manager, logistics manager, supply chain manager, purchasing manager, storage and distribution manager and more.

Concentration Course Work

Faculty teaching in our MBA global supply chain management concentration have extensive experience working across all disciplines of international business, procurement and supply chain. 

Courses in our global supply chain management concentration include:

  • Introduction to Global Supply Chains
  • International Finance for Supply Chain Managers
  • Global Logistics & Demand Planning
  • Supply Chain Technologies

For a comprehensive list of our MBA program requirements, see the degree requirements and course descriptions.