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Brewing 201

On campus

Brewing 201 is a follow-up course to the Brewing Science Academy program. In it, we will cover advanced topics presented by industry professionals who specialize in each area to be explored. Lab work focused on brewing lagers as well as standard scientific methods of beer analysis will round out the course.

Lectures will cover topics including:

  • Brewing lagers
  • Sours and non-traditional beers
  • Barrel-aging beer
  • Off-flavors and brewery troubleshooting
  • Brewery QA/QC
  • Advanced recipe design
  • Standard methods of analysis

Course Structure

This is a non-credit, twelve-week course. It will be taught in person on Point Park University's campus on Wednesday evenings, with the exception of the first class which is Friday, Sept. 8. Average time commitment is three hours per week.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed Brewing 101 or have significant brewing experience. Resume or statement of brewing experience must be emailed to SCPS@PointPark.Edu for review.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will:

  • Identify the raw material composition and processing regimes required to produce various traditional styles of beers.
  • Identify and describe the key contributors to beer flavor, including defects, the pathways by which they arise, and how these flavors can be controlled.
  • Differentiate between the principles of QA and QC and outline the essential components of a quality system within a brewery.
  • Perform analytical measurements using industry-recognized standard methods and instrumentation on raw materials, in-process streams, finished products, and packaged beer for the purpose of assessing their quality.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of common industry instrumentation and critical process measurement points.
  • Show competency in understanding the history and culture of beer.

Certificate Requirements

A Certificate of Completion for Brewing 201 will be granted to all students earning 50% of better. Students who complete both courses and pass the exam at 60% or better will be awarded the Certificate of Brewing Science.

Students will be evaluated on the following course requirements:

  • Classroom participation (25%)
  • Case study presentation (35%)
  • Brewing exam (40%)

Brewing 201 is designed to comply with Master Brewers Association of the Americas (MBAA) certificate standards. Official MBAA recognition for the program is a work in progress.

Contact Us

All questions regarding the program should be sent to the School of Continuing and Professional Studies at SCPS@PointPark.Edu