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How to Apply to the Cinema Arts Program

In order to apply and be admitted into one of our cinema arts programs, prospective students must complete a two-step process:

  1. Academic admittance: Apply to Point Park (if you have not already applied).
  2. Artistic admittance: A portfolio is required for admittance into the B.F.A. cinema production, B.F.A. screenwriting, B.F.A. animation and B.A. cinema arts with an animation focus. Applicants for the B.A. cinema arts with a concentration in cinema or screenwriting are not required to submit a portfolio. B.F.A. applicants please submit portfolios via Point Park University's Acceptd home page

Cinema portfolios are reviewed by the faculty upon receipt and applicants will be notified of artistic decision and possible artistic achievement award as academic and artistic decisions are made. Please note that a portfolio submission is required in order to be considered for the Conservatory Artistic Achievement (talent) Scholarship. The cinema faculty reserve the right to request a phone or in-person interview as necessary; however, it is not mandatory unless requested by the faculty. 

Artistic Portfolio Guidelines

Your artistic portfolio should include the following:

1. Personal Essay

Your personal essay should be 550-750 words and should include answers to the following questions:

  • What is it about yourself as an individual that makes you stand out in terms of your artistic abilities, creativity and vision?
  • What are your future professional goals?
  • Why are you applying to Point Park's cinema arts program?

2. Creative Work Portfolio 

Provide 1-5 sample(s) of other creative work that best demonstrates your abilities in the area that you are applying to, including (but not limited to):

  • Animation applicants: video, animation, visual effects work, graphics, studio arts (drawing, painting, sculpting, set design, etc.)
  • Cinema production applicants: video, media arts, film, short-films, YouTube videos, photography, music, writing samples.
  • Screenwriting applicants: writing samples: film/play scripts, essays, short stories, creative writing pieces, etc.

3. List of Creative Work

Please provide a list of all work submitted including a description of each work, your role or roles in creating the work (for example: writer, director, animator, editor, etc.) and when the work was created. 

The cinema arts department will not review an application that is missing portions of the portfolio requirements.

Transfer Applicants

All of our B.F.A. programs in the cinema arts department are sequential and demanding, and therefore we require all students — including transfer students — to complete all four years of our program.

Transfer credits for cinema arts-related courses will be considered on a case-by-case basis, only if the student has earned a B or better for the course, and the course meets with faculty approval (based on review of the previous institution’s syllabi and course descriptions).

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the cinema application process, please contact the Conservatory of Performing Arts at 412-392-3451 or