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All theatre applicants must be academically admitted into the University AND artistically admitted into their program.

Pre-Screen Video Submission for Acting and Musical Theatre Applicants

A pre-screen video submission is required for acting and musical theatre applicants and is NOT required for theatre arts or theatre production applicants.

Acting and musical theatre applicants must complete the pre-screening process in order to be considered for an in-person audition. You must have an application for academic admittance on file BEFORE submitting pre-screen materials. 

Once you have submitted your application for admission, use the following links to begin the pre-screen submission and audition process:

Portfolio Submission for Theatre Arts and Theatre Production Applicants

Once you have submitted your application for admission, theatre arts and theatre production applicants are required to submit a portfolio via Point Park's Acceptd homepage. Applicants will be directed to schedule an interview once the portfolio is submitted. 

Theatre arts submission guidelines | Apply to the theatre production program 

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