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B.F.A. + M.Ed. PreK-4th or B.F.A. + M.Ed. Dance Education Certification PreK-12

Early Start Master's Programs for Dance Students

Conservatory of Performing Arts and School of Education

Diversify Your Skillset and Expand Your Opportunities

Point Park University's Department of Dance and School of Education offers two accelerated, dual degree programs to dance majors interested in expanding their career options in the education field: 

  1. B.F.A. in dance and an M.Ed. Certification in Pre-Kindergarten through fourth grade 
  2. B.F.A. in dance and an M.Ed. Dance Education Certification PreK-12: one of the first in Pennsylvania to offer an opportunity for dance professionals to broaden their skillset in teaching the art of dance. 

Earn a B.F.A. + M.Ed. in 4 1/2 Years 

“Many dancers are passionate about education, and the M.Ed. Pre-K through fourth grade degree provides students with conceptual and practical knowledge to support their teaching practice,” said Colleen Hooper, Ph.D. “In addition, earning a Pennsylvania teaching certification in Pre-K through fourth grade creates career opportunities for students who want to share their dance artistry with young people in the classroom.”

“Through the years, a number of students wanted to be able to double major in Pre-K through fourth grade and dance. We know that many of our dance majors teach in studios, or in the future would like to own their own studio,” said Darlene Marnich, Ph.D., professor and founding dean of the School of Education. “Having the M.Ed. Pre-K through fourth grade will help them understand the pedagogy necessary to work with children. Plus, the PA teaching certification provides graduates another career opportunity that a minor in education would not provide.”

Program Overview 

This added opportunity for students allows you to apply to the M.Ed. program during your sophomore year as a B.F.A. dance major, and if accepted, begin taking fully-online graduate education classes the summer after sophomore year. All summer credits taken prior to B.F.A. graduation are billed at the part-time undergraduate rate. 

You will continue taking fully-online graduate education courses during the fall and spring semesters of your junior and senior year, as well as during the summer before senior year. All online graduate education courses taken during your time in the B.F.A. program are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate. 

"The B.F.A./M.Ed. program works to maximize tuition dollars during their junior and senior year," said Marnich. "While paying undergraduate full-time tuition, graduate work is included for no additional tuition during the fall and spring semesters. It really is an incredible opportunity."

The fall semester after earning a B.F.A. in dance, students begin their student teaching assignment and upon successful completion, they will graduate in December with an M.Ed. degree. 

Courses & Topics

B.F.A. + M.Ed. PreK-4th

  • Assessment for Differentiated Reading
  • Foundations of Literacy & Writing Theory to Practice 
  • Assess Strategies Data Driven
  • Culturally Responsive Schools
  • Methods of Teaching Math
  • Methods of Teaching Science/Health
  • Methods of Teaching Social Studies
  • Methods of Teaching English
  • Teaching Seminar: PreK-4
  • Student Teaching Practicum
  • Special Ed Inclusive Practices
  • Positive Behavior Interventions
  • Differentiated Instructional Practices in Inclusive Classrooms

B.F.A. + M.Ed. Dance Education Certification PreK-12

  • Dance Pedagogy
  • Dance Aesthetics & Criticism
  • Dance History
  • Production and Technology
  • Choreography and Composition
  • Teaching Dance Methods PK-12
  • Culturally Responsive Schools
  • Special Education & Inclusive Practices
  • Differentiated Instructional Practice
  • Positive Behavioral Interventions
  • Methods of Teaching English Language Learners
  • Student Teaching Seminar - Dance Education
  • Student Teaching Practicum 

Meet Our Faculty

What Our Students Say About the B.F.A. + M.Ed. PreK-4th

  • "When I was in high school, I was torn between going to college for dance or early childhood education. Ultimately, I chose Point Park's dance program because the professors have very successful careers, and the alumni are working in the field shortly after graduating. When I learned about this new opportunity for students, I knew I wanted to enroll because of my love for early childhood education. This is a great way to earn two degrees in a timely manner. I am so excited to begin in May!" — Sabrina Breslin, a dance major from Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School for Music & Art and the Performing Arts in Brooklyn, N.Y.
  • "For any dancer, the ability to teach is not only beneficial for a room of students, but for personal development as well. I chose Point Park because of its highly-acclaimed dance program, and it has surpassed all expectations of demonstrating tools to help all students feel ready for their career. By overlapping fields of study, students in the B.F.A./M.Ed. are encouraged to see how far their career can stretch, while acquiring skills that make them well-rounded and employable." — Sophia Alberico, a dance major from Forest Trail Academy in Chicago, Ill.
  • "I would recommend this opportunity for a variety of reasons. First, it's being offered by one of the best dance programs in the country. Second, this is a fantastic opportunity for a student who wants to simultaneously pursue a professional career in dance and also in education. Many professional dancers later choose to go back to school to further or continue their education. It's not often that an opportunity like this is available to students." — Amil Brothers, a dance major from Northwest School of the Arts in Charlotte, N.C.
  • "The realistic side of this program is what makes it worth it. Since I will graduate with my bachelor's and master's in 4 1/2 years, it saves me so much time and stress while I accomplish my first dream — dance. Obtaining my master's in education is also very beneficial because my second dream is to integrate dance into school districts as a form of therapy for students. This dual program gives me the space and time to make my dreams come true!" — Giovanna Taddeo, a dance major from Rumson Fair-Haven High School in Rumson, N.J.

When applying online, select online degrees, create an account (activate) and begin the application. Then select online designation status.