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ABCTE Program

American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) Program

Transfer Your Professional Skills to a Teaching Career

Point Park University is the only Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)-recognized institution in Pennsylvania that offers an American Board for the Certification of Teacher Excellence (ABCTE) program.

ABCTE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting qualified professionals in the classroom through a state-approved alternative teacher certification program.

All candidates in Point Park's ABCTE Program must possess an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university prior to initiating the ABCTE program. PDE may now accept a conferred graduate degree from an accredited college or university in lieu of a baccalaureate degree.

Key Benefits of Point Park's ABCTE Program

  • Flexibility and convenience – Our program is designed to accommodate working adults' busy schedules.
  • Supportive faculty – Our faculty bring years of classroom experience into their coursework, as well as a commitment to students' professional development and success.
  • Career-ready education – Our rigorous coursework emphasizes theory to practice and instills confidence in aspiring educators so they feel well-prepared to enter their own classroom. 
  • Affordability – Our program provides an affordable pathway to teaching certification. Costs are incurred through the American Board, Point Park University and PDE.
    • 2024-25 academic year costs:
      • Visit the American Board website for current pricing.
      • Tuition for 6 credits at Point Park, effective this fall: $3,912, plus the cost of books
      • Cost of 60-Day Mentoring (0 credits):
        • Allegheny County: $4,500 
        • Outside of Allegheny County: $6,000 
      • Visit the PDE website for current teaching certificate application fees.
  • Apply your credits to a master's degree program – After earning your Instructional I Certification, your 6 credits from the ABCTE program can be used toward a master's degree (and possible additional certification) in the following areas:

PDE Certification Areas

By completing the ABCTE program, you may obtain an Instructional I certificate in one of the following content areas. Visit the links below to view what these certifications allow you to teach. 

Additional Resources

Learn more about the ABCTE program at Point Park and have all your questions answered by sending an email to Mrs. Beverina-Moore, M.A., lecturer and director of student placements, at and requesting an invitation to a Zoom informational meeting.

Learn About Our 2024 ABCTE Certified Teachers

Point Park University ABCTE Certified Teachers 2023-24


Learn about our 2023 ABCTE certified teachers in this video.

Meet the Director

Mrs. Beverina-Moore, M.A., NCSP (retired), director of student placement

Pictured is Denise Beverina-Moore. Photo by Randall Coleman.

Mrs. Beverina-Moore has more than 35 years of experience working in public education.

Meet the Chair

Darlene Marnich, Ph.D., professor and chair of the Department of Leadership and Organizational Administration

Pictured is Darlene Marnich. Photo by Randall Coleman.

"Education excellence is much more than teaching content. It is about connections, relationships and trust."

ABCTE Success Stories


ABCTE costs are incurred through the American Board, PDE and Point Park University. 

Students enrolled in the ABCTE Program are not eligible for funds administered through the University since the program does not meet the criteria for eligibility for federal, state or private sources of funding. This includes the following: University funds, PHEAA state grant funds, Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP), Direct Student Loans (DL) and most private student loan programs. However, College Avenue, PNC Bank and Sallie Mae, who are private student loan lenders, will provide assistance to non-degree seeking graduate students.

PA CareerLink Tuition Funding

Point Park's ABCTE Programs for PreK-Grade 4 and Secondary Education teaching certification are approved through PA CareerLink as an Eligible Training Provider (ETP).  Visit the PA CareerLink Program for more information:

To learn more about how to qualify for PA CareerLink funding, visit the PA CareerLink website.


The University offers a Tuition Payment Plan that ABCTE Program students may consider. Students who do not make satisfactory arrangements to pay tuition and other charges will be assessed non-refundable late fees until such time that all charges are paid in full. In addition, all academic transcripts and records will not be released until all charges are paid in full.

The Office of Student Accounts is primarily responsible for billing, payment plans, employer reimbursement, third-party billing, collections and student refunds.

For information on payment plans, contact the Office of Student Accounts at

For More Information

Email Mrs. Beverina-Moore, M.A., lecturer and director of student placements, at and request an invitation to a Zoom informational meeting.

View our ABCTE flyer for an overview of the program.