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Full-Time Faculty

  • Darlene B. Marnich, Ph.D., professor and founding dean, School of Education
  • Richard Gutkind, Ph.D., professor of education, director of education graduate programs and coordinator of the M.A. in educational administration, M.Ed. in secondary education and principal certificate programs
  • Vincenne Revilla-Beltrán, Ph.D., professor of education
  • Virginia Chambers, Ed.D., associate professor of education and coordinator of the M.Ed. in athletic coaching and administration and M.Ed. in Pre-K through 4th grade programs
  • Stanley Denton, Ph.D., professor of education
  • Ronald Dufalla, Ph.D., lecturer of education and coordinator of the superintendent letter of eligibility certificate program
  • Christal Edmunds, Ph.D., professor of education
  • Elisabeth Ehrlich, Ed.D., lecturer of education
  • Janice Glunk, Ed.D., associate professor of education and coordinator of the M.A. in curriculum and instruction and reading specialist certificate programs
  • Linda Hippert, Ed.D., assistant professor of education
  • Karen S. McIntyre, Ph.D., professor of education and director of the Ed.D. in leadership and administration program
  • Suzanne E. Miller, Ed.D., professor emeritus of education
  • Denise Beverina-Moore, M.A., lecturer of education, director of student placement and coordinator of the ABCTE program
  • Arleen Wheat, Ed.D., associate professor of special education and coordinator of the M.A. and M.Ed. in special education and Pre-K through 12th Grade programs
  • Kamryn York, Ed.D., lecturer of education


Theresa Colonie, administrative assistant
Office Phone: 412-392-3904
Office: 714 Academic Hall

Andrew McIntyre, MBA, M.S., research associate
Office: 711 Academic Hall

Ja Nel Orwig, assistant to the chair
Office Phone: 412-392-3975
Office: 710 Academic Hall

LaQueda Taulton, Ed.D., doctoral recruiter/administrator
Office: 709A Academic Hall


Graduate Part-Time Faculty

Undergraduate Part-Time Faculty