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Exploratory/Undecided Major

Explore your options. Discover your path.

Not sure what to major in yet at Point Park University? It's OK to be exploratory!

Data shows that a third of undergraduate students change their major within three years of enrollment. If you're undecided about what area you want to pursue, Point Park University will give you the tools and resources to discover the fields of study and career options that best suit your interests, passions and goals.

When you enroll at Point Park as an Exploratory major, you will receive support to help guide you toward success.

  • In your first semester, you'll be placed in a 1-credit course, Exploratory Pathways, which is specifically designed for Exploratory majors to learn about the various degree programs and career paths you can pursue at Point Park.
    • Student Testimonial: "As I explored more options and sat in on the meetings in my Exploratory Pathways class with various professors at the University, I discovered that there is an alternate route to take to still get to where I want to be and stay and enjoy my time at Point Park as well."
  • Our core curriculum is designed so that you can make valuable progress toward your degree while deciding which major you want to declare.
  • All students have access to our Professional Career-Readiness Center, an education and resource center that provides programs and services to enhance student success by creating opportunities to achieve career readiness, increase knowledge of career pathways, and connect to experiential learning such as internships and co-ops.

Learn more about the benefits of Point Park's exploratory major: