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Centered on Humanistic Psychology

Our psychology major offers rigorous study of human science psychology that includes existential, phenomenological, depth psychology, liberation and critical psychology, as well as radical feminist, queer, intersectional and post-structuralist theories.

We encourage critical and holistic thinking in order to respectfully address the diverse and unique lived experiences of children and adults, and foster activist perspectives that enhance the well-being of persons and their communities.

Concentration Options

Students also have the opportunity to choose concentrations of study in the following areas:

  • Child psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Community psychology
  • Forensic psychology
  • Psychology of religion and spirituality

Our Distinctive Approach


Courses & Topics

Our courses are designed to prepare students for continued study at the graduate level as clinicians and scholars.

You will receive a well-rounded education through our core curriculum and classes in the psychology major. Courses include:

  • Modern and Postmodern Approaches to Psychology
  • Psychopathology: Critical Perspectives
  • Foundations to Community Psychology
  • LGBTQ Mental Health
  • Zombies & Psychological Life
  • Psychology of Evil and Human Destruction

Earn Two Degrees in Five Years

If you are an undergraduate psychology or behavioral sciences student at Point Park University interested in expanding your career options in the psychology field, explore our accelerated, dual degrees 4+1 program.

Our unique program gives you an affordable opportunity to earn both a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology or Behavioral Sciences and a Master of Arts in Community Psychology in five years. Learn more

Meet Our Faculty

Psychology Internships

Students in our psychology major participate in internships and practicums at local agencies (many of which are within walking distance of campus) including:

  • The Mobile Thriving Respite  
  • Pittsburgh Action Against Rape 
  • Imagine Further Collective 
  • Operation Safet Net  
  • Bridge Outreach  
  • Inside our Minds  
  • Persad  
  • The Counseling Initiative  
  • ALS/Courtwatch  
  • Visible Hands/Integrative Community Therapy  
  • Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Pittsburgh 
  • Strong Women, Strong Girls  
  • The Bradley Center

Mobile Thriving Respite

Students majoring in psychology at Point Park have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of the field through the Mobile Thriving Respite, a community-based action initiative that seeks to help members of the street community thrive, not just survive, by hosting free events in parks and other locations around the city and providing cultural, educational and psychological resources. Events include sharing stories over coffee, playing board games and cards and listening to music. 

"Through the Respite, I have learned to not just accept but appreciate the alterity of another human being. This hands-on engagement with the community has benefitted my educational experience by allowing me to put concepts and theories into action in a real way that is positively impactful." – Sam Spano '25

Learn more:

Confluence Psychology Alliance Group

Pictured is Marley Smartnick. Submitted photo.

Point Park students have the opportunity to engage with faculty and peers through Confluence, an undergraduate humanistic psychology alliance that offers a place for multiplicity and diversity of thought, community, friendship and pro-action/activist outreach. It is open to all majors – all those interested in the psychological life of fiction, film, dance, politics, music, philosophy and everything else under the sun. Confluence members are unapologetic about their intellectual pursuits and unabashedly passionate.

"My experience in my small town inspired me to go into the field of psychology, but it wasn’t until I reached Point Park that I decided to pursue the community focus. Confluence is an opportunity to get involved with the University and Pittsburgh communities, which I am thrilled to do."  – Marley Smartnick '24, Confluence chairperson

Visit the Confluence webpage to learn more

News & Features

Psychology Alumni in Graduate School

Alumni of our B.A. psychology program have gone on to complete graduate school at a variety of schools such as:

  • Chicago School of Professional Psychology
  • Duquesne University
  • The University of West Georgia
  • Chatham University
  • Seattle University
  • Carlow University

Career Options

With a bachelor's degree in psychology, our students are well-prepared for continued study at the graduate level or to pursue various career opportunities, such as:

  • Advocate
  • Administrator
  • Case Manager
  • Clinician
  • Licensed Counselor
  • Social, Market, or Data Researcher
  • Therapist
  • Therapeutic Support Specialist