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Meet our School of Communication Alumni

In the profiles featured below, meet alumni from the School of Communication undergraduate programs. These alumni discuss why they chose Point Park University and talk about how earning or pursuing an undergraduate degree at Point Park is helping them to reach their career goals.

Something exciting happening in your career? We invite alumni to submit a Class Note for consideration in The Point, Point Park University's online magazine for family and friends.

Pictured is Samiar Nefzi. Submitted photoSamiar Nefzi

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2019
Reporter/Fill-In Anchor, WJET/WFXP

"I'm not sure I would have landed this job or my internship at KDKA-TV without the training I received while at Point Park. Not only did I have a job before graduating from Point Park, I was about to start reporting before my spring graduation."

Pictured is Blaine King. Submitted photoBlaine King

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2017
MBA, 2020
Broadcast Technical Operator, QVC

"The factors that led me to pursue both of my degrees from Point Park were the opportunities available in each program. I was so attracted to the hands-on experience I would get from the start as a broadcast reporting major. For my MBA, the online experience allowed me to work at a pace that was logical for my school, work and personal life."

Pictured is Casey Hoolahan. Submitted photo.Casey Hoolahan

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2018
Multimedia Journalist, WDTV

"My experience with student media like U-View and The Globe were vital in preparing me to be the one-man band that is a multimedia journalist. Those groups pushed me to refine my writing and video skills and to find my own stories to tell — independence is vital as reporter in a small town."

Pictured is Miles Ritenour. Submitted photoMiles Ritenour

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2010
Director of Marketing Communications, Bud Light - Anheuser-Busch

"I had great professors with journalism experience who really helped frame how I think about how a particular marketing campaign can get news coverage. Beyond that, I was always encouraged by my PR and advertising professors to intern as much as possible and I did that with six internships . Additionally, it was great to learn from someone like Bob O’Gara, M.A., who did my job for years before teaching at Point Park. I think learning from people who have real-world experience is very important."

Pictured is Alexander Popichak. Submitted photoAlexander Popichak

B.A. in broadcast production and media management, 2018
News Producer, Erie News Now

"My professors helped me polish my resume, reel and website before applying to various newsrooms. Before going to Point Park, I had no idea what a producer was or did, but after talking with professors over the years, it was clear that I loved this kind of work and was connected to Erie News Now by one of my professors."

Pictured is Maggie Stasko. Photo | Nick KoehlerMaggie Stasko

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2018
Account Executive, BCW Global

"I’ve always felt so prepared for what I do professionally because of what I was taught at Point Park. Having professors who are still in the field makes all the difference because they’re able to teach from experience. It’s more real world and less textbook."

Pictured is Kalea Hall. Submitted photo

Kalea Hall

B.A. in Journalism and Multimedia
Automotive Reporter, The Detroit News

"I left Point Park as an intrepid reporter after four years of tough love from the journalism professors at Point Park. They pushed me to step out of my comfort zone to get the story. When I left Point Park, I felt ready to tackle every story thrown at me from the tearjerkers to the hard-hitting investigative pieces that current change."


Ryan Yorgen

B.A. in Broadcast Production 
Producer, PensTV, Pittsburgh Penguins

"Point Park has been instrumental in leading me to land my dream job. Everyone who is a part of the School of Communication was committed to helping me reach my goals. I also enjoyed going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh. The atmosphere is electric and it is so encouraging walking to class with people walking into work."

Pictured is Carley Bonk. Submitted photo

Carley Bonk

B.A. in Journalism 
Watchdog Reporter, Chambersburg Public Opinion, USA Today Network

"Make the most of the opportunities provided in college to get your work published. It is so essential to have a hefty portfolio when applying for that first real job. Talk to your professors and show them you are eager to get your stories out there to a real audience. They are there to help and are equally as eager to see you succeed when you take that extra step."

Pictured is Sierra Tufts. Submitted photo

Sierra Tufts

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Reporter/Anchor, WANE 15, Indiana

"Having educators at Point Park working in the field is an immeasurable asset. Passing their knowledge and experience down to their students is what sets Point Park apart from most journalism programs."

Pictured is Alex Britton Peterson. Submitted photo

Alex Britton Peterson

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Reporter/Anchor, ABC27, Harrisburg 

"Point Park truly helped to show me just how multifaceted you need to be as a journalist in the 21st century; you don't just report anymore. No one does. You need to turn a story in a matter of hours, with new video, new sound, new information – and it needs to look good, too."

Pictured is alumna Brittany Hoke. Submitted photo

Brittany Hoke

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Anchor/Reporter, WTAE-TV 

"I think Point Park is one of the most well-connected schools in the area. Our professors worked in the industry in Pittsburgh, which is huge. Learning from them and being able to go to them for advice long after graduation day has been invaluable."

Pictured is alumnus Ryan Bailey. Submitted photo

Ryan Bailey

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting 
Esports Specialist/Commentator, Skillshot Media 

"I am lucky enough to have been part of the first wave of esports talent. I am one of the few who has a degree in broadcasting and real experience in a TV studio ... I hope that more Point Park students can make their mark across the industry."

Pictured is alumna Miranda Van Bramer. Photo | Brandy Richey

Miranda Van Bramer

B.A. in Broadcast Production and Media Management 
On-Air Talent, Promotions Assistant, iHeartMedia Pittsburgh 

"When I had my interview for the on-air position, I showed my promotions director the online portfolio I created my senior semester at Point Park. I had dozens of production pieces that displayed not only my fundamental understanding of the industry at hand, but also my passion for what I’d been studying."

Pictured is Dominique Hildebrand at National Geographic. Photo | Danielle Amy

Dominique Hildebrand

B.A. in Photojournalism 
Associate Photography Editor, National Geographic 

"My professors incredibly influential in not just my education and career, but they became close friends and now colleagues. It helps that we are such a small team, so you really get close with your professors."

Pictured is Jessica Joseph. Submitted photo

Jessica Joseph

B.A. in Multimedia
Graphic Designer, Apple Box Studios

"Get an internship as soon as possible. You can sit in a classroom and learn all about how to use certain tools to help you create something meaningful, but nothing compares to experience. Internships give you an inside look into your desired field without working full time. It’s a no-brainer!"

Pictured is Michele Tabaka at The Washington Post. Submitted photo

Michele Tabaka

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising 
Account Manager, The Washington Post 

"The experiences that impact me most include the opportunity to present a marketing campaign at the National Advertising Competition in New York City. Get involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible, and take advantage of the city and the opportunities it has to offer."

Pictured is Josh Croup. Submitted photo

Josh Croup

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting
Anchor/Reporter, WDTV 

"Experience is incredibly important if you want to work in this field. Not only will Point Park give you experience if you seek it out, but it will provide you with mentors and professionals who are actively working in the industry and know what it takes to succeed. Learn from everything you do, learn as much as possible, even if you don't think you'll benefit from it, and don't waste your failures."

Pictured is Tyler Jeski. Submitted photo

Tyler Jeski

B.A. in Broadcast Production & Media Management
Producer, WHP-TV CBS 21

"It's really hard to list everything that helped me because there were so many things. However, I will say that Point Park professors who have experience in news has impacted me most. They still give me advice to help me improve as a producer. Additionally, every role I had as a part of  U-View has played a major role in my career. We created quality newscasts, just like the ones you will see at a local station."

Pictured is Brittany Lauffer. Submitted photo

Brittany Lauffer

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting
B.A. in Broadcast Production and Media Management
Deputy Director of Communications, PA Department of Human Services 

"Whether it is a scholarship, networking connection, internship or club, Point Park has so many opportunities for its students. Take advantage of each of them, ask for help from your professors when needed and work hard. It will all pay off in the end."

Pictured is Justin LaBar. Photo | Brandy Richey.

Justin LaBar

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting
TribLIVE High School Sports Network

"If you know this is the field you want for a career, Point Park’s School of Communication is the best place to spend your four years earning your degree. You’ll be able to make the most of the four years having fun and learning a lot. In my situation and many other peers, we had work waiting for us by the time we graduated because of how well Point Park prepared us."

Pictured is Caite Miller. Photo | Brandy Richey.

Caite Miller

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising
Pittsburgh Magazine

"Most of the work I did in college was for a real client or turned into an event or project. Point Park offered so many great workshops, guest speakers and networking opportunities for me as a student that I felt confident when it was time for me to branch out on my own after graduation."

Pictured are Kariann Mano and Stacey Simon. Photo | Nick Koehler

Kariann Mano and Stacey Simon

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising
Havas PR Pittsburgh

Mano is an assistant account executive and Simon is an account supervisor at Havas PR Pittsburgh, one of the world's largest communications groups. 

Pictured is Kelly Sasso. Submitted photo

Kelly Sasso

B.A. in Broadcast Reporting
News Anchor, WTAE-TV

"The classes I took required that I go out and shoot and write stories on tight deadlines - sometimes solo, sometimes in a team - which is the exact skill you need when you take your first job."

Pictured is David Flora. Submitted photo

David Flora

B.A. in Broadcast Production
Senior Producer/Editor, Detroit Pistons

"I believe I landed my current job because of my education and experiences in the field. I also made sure to have a clean and concise resume as well as a solid demo reel."


comm_neilstrebig_275x230.jpgNeil Strebig

B.A. in journalism, 2017
Managing Editor, The Northside Chronicle

"So many professors have aided me in my growth not just as a journalist, but as a writer, as a photographer, and as a videographer — without the staff, I would most certainly not be where I am right now."

Pictured is School Communication alumna Alisyn Blackwell with cinema arts alumnus Zak Boyle. Submitted photo. Alisyn Blackwell

B.A. in broadcasting, 2011
Digital Producer, WQED Multimedia

"I had done an internship at WQED the summer before my graduation. They remembered me and called me back to work as a production assistant on a documentary called Pittsburgh from the Air. The position became available full time and I was offered the job, and worked my way up from there."


Pictured is Aubrey Henken. Photo Victoria A. Mikula

Aubrey Henken

B.A. in Broadcast Production and Broadcast Reporting, 2017
Production Coordinator, NBCUniversal (Oxygen)

"Point Park helped me land this position because of all of the amazing opportunities I had through the School of Communication, especially within U-View. I learned so much by participating in U-View, and those experiences showed me that I want my career to be in entertainment television production, which is exactly where I am right now at NBCUniversal."

Pictured is Trever Sheets. Photo | Shayna MendezTrever Sheets

Post Baccalaureate in Journalism and Mass Communication, 2017
Video Production Assistant, Frederick Keys

"I obtained my job with the Frederick Keys in Frederick, Md., by attending the Baseball Winter Meetings last December as a member of the Pittsburgh Center for Sports Media and Marketing at Point Park. I benefited from the great amount of preparation we did prior to the fair, as well as my work with U-View and familiarity with the studio equipment."

Pictured is Lauren Joseph. Photo | Shayna Mendez


Lauren Joseph

B.A. in Public Relations and Advertising, 2017
Events & Social Media Coordinator, Dickerson Creative Communications

"Point Park has encouraged me to get as many outside experiences, such as internships, as possible. I interned for Dickerson in May of 2016 and my boss offered me a full-time position upon graduation!"

Pictured is School of Communication alumna Caroline Collins. Photo | Caroline Collins Caroline Collins

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2015
Anchor/Reporter, 21 WFMJ

"I felt extremely prepared at my first job interview. Thanks to my education at Point Park University, I was able to capitalize on the skills I learned throughout my four years. I knew how to shoot and edit video, I developed strong on-camera skills through my classes, I understood how all departments of a newsroom worked and I completed two news internships."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Matt Adams. Photo | Marie McGrory Matt Adams

B.A. in photojournalism, 2007
Associate Photo Editor, National Geographic

"If I didn't go to Point Park, then I can honestly say that I wouldn't be in the job I am now. It was the starting point to an incredible journey. Everyday I'm looking at images that come in from all around the world ... Seeing a variety of interesting work inspires me and ignites my creativity."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus James Hill. James Hill

B.A. in broadcasting, 2015
Special Assistant to Mayor William Peduto, City of Pittsburgh

"My Point Park experience is truly memorable. The people I've met, the friends I've made and the teachers who had to put up with me (Gina Catanzarite, Robin Cecala, Paul Coatsworth and Dale Nodianos) made my experience. Learning from professors who truly care about you is the best experience any student could ask for."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Kelsie Metzgar. Kelsie Metzgar

B.A. in broadcasting, 2014
Johnstown Bureau Reporter, WTAJ-TV

"I received my job offer a week after graduating in December 2014. I credit my success in landing a job to some of the wonderful faculty at Point Park who supported me. They made sure I knew everything about the news world, in front of and behind the camera."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Andrew Goldstein. Andrew Goldstein

B.A. in journalism, 2014
Staff Writer, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"The professors at Point Park took me from being a novice writer to someone who could jump into the Post-Gazette and get up to speed quickly in a fast-paced newsroom environment. That kind of thing takes years of hard work and training from those who know what they're doing, and preferably from people who have done it themselves. That's exactly what you get at Point Park."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Elena LaQuatra. Elena LaQuatra

B.A. in broadcasting, 2014
4 the 412 Host, WTAE-TV, Miss Pennsylvania USA

"What I loved the most was that all of my professors were able to provide real-life advice from their careers. It was great to hear what it's like in the real world and I really appreciated their honesty."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Kayla Seybert. Kayla Seybert

B.A. in broadcasting, 2010
Promotions Manager, CBS Radio, Pittsburgh

"The education and training I received at Point Park is really the reason I was able to get a job in my field so soon after college. I had many skills that a lot of the competition did not ... Since I was able to begin my broadcasting and radio classes as a first-year student, I also had quite the jump start on my abilities, and felt it was really impactful that a lot of my classes were actually held IN the student-run radio station."


Pictured are School of Communication alumnae Abby Mathieu and Katy Albert. Abby Mathieu and Katy Albert

Public relations and advertising, 2014
Public relations and advertising manager, Blender, Inc.
Social media manager, Blender, Inc.

"It's great working with a fellow Point Parker. We work really well together, and it's fun to reminisce about Point Park every now and then," said Mathieu.

"Because we were trained at the same place, we share a similar perspective but our different personalities and experiences ensure that we both bring a unique flare to the work," said Albert.


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Lindsey Watson. Lindsey Watson

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2013
Anchor/Producer, WDTV

"I attended the Summer Media Workshops and got a crash course in everything that the broadcasting world and Point Park could offer me. Living in Downtown Pittsburgh and being so close to three award-winning television stations influenced my decision to come to Point Park."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Shay Myrick. Shay Myrick

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2013
Advertising Coordinator, Conde Nast

"I chose Point Park University for the great journalism program and the exciting location in Downtown Pittsburgh. My classes took me on field trips to the Allegheny County Courthouse, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, several theaters in the Cultural District and other interesting locations in Downtown Pittsburgh."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Jessica LaDow. Jessica LaDow

B.A. in journalism, 2009
Partner Operations Manager, Google

"Students at Point Park are lucky to be led by professors who are dedicated to student success and professionals whose wealth of knowledge stretches across many industries in the area. The School of Communication does a very good job at carving a special skill set into its curriculum that sets graduates apart from other job seekers."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Hunter Tresnicky. Hunter Tresnicky

B.A. in broadcasting, 2014
Producer, WJAC-TV

"I chose Point Park after attending the High School Summer Media Workshop. Working with the students, professors and equipment for an entire week confirmed for me my career choice of broadcast journalism. Spending that week at Point Park was all I needed to put this school at the top of my list when I started applying for colleges."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Mary Ours. Mary Ours

B.A. in broadcasting, 2012
Weather Anchor/Reporter, WTOV-TV

"I would not be where I am in my career if it wasn't for all of the journalism courses that I took. I was never the best writer and I have to thank my professors at Point Park for everything they taught me."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Ashley Murray. Ashley Murray

B.A. in broadcasting, global cultural studies minor, 2009
Multimedia Editor, Pittsburgh City Paper

"It was freedom going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh! I could take the bus to several neighborhoods. I could try new restaurants, new churches and new nightlife. I could walk to a local coffee shop and local music/video store, both where I worked part time throughout school."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Richelle Szypulski. Richelle Szypulski

B.A. in multimedia and mass communication, 2013
Content Marketing Manager, Insight Marketing Solutions

"With a tight-knit campus in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, it was teeming with opportunities for involvement, leadership and lattes to keep me awake for it all. I somehow managed to satiate my need for more classes, clubs, activities, events, internships and part-time jobs. And yet, even with all of these opportunities, it was the quirky, driven and passionate people I met who made my time there truly worth it. The relationships I formed with friends and faculty are second to none."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Celina Pompeani. Celina Pompeani

B.A. in broadcasting, 2013
TV Host, Pittsburgh Penguins

"I loved every single one of my professors in the School of Communication at Point Park. I learned so much from them. They made me want to learn, always gave me great feedback and helped me land all of my internships."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Marina Weis. Marina Weis

B.A. in journalism and multimedia, 2014
Videographer, Beaver County Times

"I loved that Point Park was a smaller school because I didn't want to be just a number in my classes. I wanted to connect with my professors who had real-world experience in their field. I was attracted to its well-known journalism program and growth of digital media classes."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Sarafina Brooks. Sarafina Brooks

B.A. in broadcasting, 2013
Multimedia Journalist, WTOV-TV

"Point Park University was absolutely the catalyst to my career as a television reporter. The education and training I received was top notch and made me stand out when it came time for me to apply to jobs. Employers were always impressed with the skills listed on my resume and would share with me that they knew that Point Park has a great journalism program."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Matt Desmond. Matt Desmond

B.A. in broadcasting and broadcast production
and media management, 2012
Assistant Director of Athletic Video Productions, Baylor University

"I attended a high school journalism workshop at Point Park when I was a junior in high school. I really enjoyed the student-to-faculty connection. I never felt like a number in the broadcasting program. All of my professors wanted to see me excel at the next level. It was enriching that I was able to start taking classes in my major when I was a freshman; that was a big selling point to pursue my degree at Point Park."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Alicia Lyons. Alicia Lyons

B.A. in broadcasting and secondary education, 2013
Communications Teacher, Belle Vernon Area High School

"I had an internship with MTV Networks in NYC and a broadcasting internship with Time TV in Los Angeles. Both internships taught me editing as well as on-camera skills while learning about the culture of two completely different cities. Additionally, I have worked for the Pittsburgh Pirates for almost two and a half years now as an on-air personality and co-producer. This has given me real-world experience in the broadcasting field and I have learned what it's like to work for a major league baseball company. It is a blast!"


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Nicole Chynoweth. Nicole Chynoweth

B.A. in journalism and multimedia, 2013
Reporter, Trib Total Media

"I chose to attend Point Park after an awesome experience at the School of Communication's Summer Media Workshop. I loved learning about reporting from Helen Fallon and Heather Starr Fiedler, and the Downtown Pittsburgh campus attracted me to the school even more. "

Pictured is School of Communication alumna Gina Pennline. Gina Pennline

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2010
Assistant to Vice President and Program Department, Girl Scouts

"Believe your professors when they talk about networking - it really is one of the most important things you should do as a student! Building relationships and keeping in touch with people may help you get your foot in the door somewhere in the future. I loved being in Downtown Pittsburgh, and enjoyed being able to jump on a quick bus ride to be in Oakland or South Side."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Aaron Cooney. Aaron Cooney

B.A. in broadcasting reporting, 2012
Director of Broadcasting and Media Relations, Erie Otters Hockey

"The School of Communication gives you all the tools you need to become what you want to be. The staff cares about you and wants to make sure you succeed. Having smaller class sizes helps the professors get to know you personally and in turn they help you achieve your goals. The facilities students can work in allow them to become what they want to be. The television and radio stations are top notch - if students put in the work, there is nothing they can't become."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Nikki Porter. Nikki Porter

B.A. in broadcasting reporting, 2010
Anchor, Reporter, Producer, WDTV

"I heard so many great things about the broadcasting program at Point Park. As a senior in high school, I participated in Point Park's High School Media Day program. I met Professor Helen Fallon and I fell in love with the school. I loved being in a city, right in the heart of the news and close to big news agencies. I knew the professors had real-world work experience and that they would be able to share that to help me in my career."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Emily Petsko. Emily Petsko

B.A. in journalism and global cultural studies, 2013
Staff Writer, Washington Observer-Reporter

"I received invaluable experience while writing for The Globe and a reporting class, taught by Professor Bill Moushey. Those opportunities enabled me to build a strong portfolio, which in turn helped me land my first internship at the Washington Observer-Reporter (and by extension, my first job there). The global cultural studies program equipped me with critical thinking skills and the ability to delve deeper into issues that affect the communities I serve as a reporter."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Doug Andiorio. Doug Andiorio

B.A. in journalism, 2011
Client Program Coordinator, Valassis

"I loved the idea of going to school in Downtown Pittsburgh, sharing the sidewalks and streets with business professionals working for some of the biggest companies in town. It was great being within walking distance to so many restaurants, the Point and all the stadiums. It was my goal to eventually trade in my backpack for a briefcase and walk the streets of Downtown Pittsburgh, just like the people I would see on my way to class. I was able to accomplish that goal."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Stacey Kammerdiener. Stacey Kammerdiener

B.A. in mass communication, 2005
Strategic Enrollment Consultant, TWG Plus

"I knew that I wanted a school that granted its students real-world, hands-on experience. The fact that my courses were taught by professors who are experts in the field and are tapped into the communication market, was a huge draw. The location, right in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, also sold me, as I grew up in a small town."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Jace Lumley. Jace Lumley

B.A. in photojournalism, 2012
Photo Editor, GQ Magazine

"Anything done creatively requires a great amount of time and passion. The classes at Point Park taught me how to spend time doing what was keeping me inspired."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Erin Price. Erin Price

B.A. in multimedia, 2012
Web Designer and Developer, United Steelworkers

"Becoming well-rounded is essential for today's jobs and can be accomplished within the School of Communication. Classes extend from writing articles, developing photos in a darkroom, creating websites, designing brochures and producing videos."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Josh Frketic. Josh Frketic

B.A. in broadcasting, 2011
Anchor/Reporter, WVVA-TV

"My degree from Point Park has helped a lot but it's more than just a degree. It is really what the University provides more than anything and that is an opportunity to do great things. You have to take advantage of every opportunity and run with it. Get out and gain experience so you can build your resume the right way."

Pictured is School of Communication alumna Natalie (Urban) Orio. Natalie (Urban) Orio

B.A. in photojournalism, 2006
Media Client Services Manager, cj advertising and freelance photographer

"I chose Point Park because of its hands-on approach to learning and the small class sizes. I loved that the School of Communication faculty still work in their respective fields. The real-world application that they bring to the classroom is unparalleled. I also loved the Downtown Pittsburgh location and the city life was something I wanted to experience. The city really is your campus."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Mallory Laporte. Mallory Laporte

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2006
Marketing Coordinator, Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

"Seek out internships even if they are unpaid or not for academic credit. I took an internship with the Children's Museum after graduation because I knew it would be a worthwhile experience and it led to the job I have now."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Anthony Pignetti. Anthony Pignetti

B.A. in broadcasting reporting, 2008
Assistant Director of Sales, Reading Fightin Phils

"I always wanted to go to college in Pittsburgh, but also wanted to experience everything a Downtown environment has to offer; Point Park accomplished both goals."


Pictured is School of Communication alumna Rachel Carlson. Rachel Carlson

B.A. in journalism, 2004
Pittsburgh Community Manager, Yelp

"At Point Park, I loved that I was encouraged to get out into the field and obtain an internship. I felt like the whole program was about how you can learn through hands-on experience rather than sitting down and test taking all day or listening to a lecture."


Pictured is School of Communication alumnus Michael DeCourcy. Michael DeCourcy

B.A. in journalism and mass communication, 1981
College Basketball Columnist, Sporting News

"Point Park prepared me for the world that existed in 2012, where you have to be ready to do everything: write, edit, shoot video, etc. If you can't do everything, then you better be absolutely brilliant at whatever you do. Because of my Point Park education, I'm able to handle different media and the demands within those media."