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The School of Communication offers a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism — formerly Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication — that provides a skillset for a variety of careers in the mass communication industry. Today's journalist needs to work in all formats, and our journalism program will get you there. 

You will complete the media basics, and then sample from the most enticing courses and experiences throughout the School of Communication. You might complete video production and web design projects, take copywriting and social media marketing courses and study journalism subjects, such as feature writing and investigative reporting.

Beginning day one, you have access to our state-of-the-art facilities and the opportunity to join any of the student-run media outlets/organizations

A School of Communication student works in a computer lab. Photo | John McKieth

Careers in Mass Communication

  • Reporter
  • Media Entrepreneur
  • Media Management
  • Graduate Study
  • Law School
  • Educational Media
  • Media Marketing
  • Diplomacy
  • Public Information