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May 2020: The International Media Class travels to Spain.
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Point Park students on the International Media trip.

Travel Fund Supports Student Travel

The John Fallon Travel Fund helps School of Communication and Honors Program students in need travel nationally and abroad to complement their Point Park education. In the past, funds have totaled more than $10,000 to help defray the cost of travel.

The travel fund was established in 2008 by Helen Fallon, professor of journalism and director of the Honors Program, and her children, Amy and Stephen, in memory of their late husband and father, John E. Fallon Jr.

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What Students & Alumni are Saying About Their Experience

Pictured is Josh Croup. Submitted photo. Josh Croup

B.A. in broadcast reporting, 2018
Anchor/reporter, WDTV

"I recommend this class and any travel experience you have in college. The opportunity to travel abroad is unmatched in college, especially with the wealth of knowledge you'll get from this course. The instructors prepare you as much as possible during the semester, so the excitement builds exponentially with each passing week. I was a senior when I took the class, so it was the perfect way to close out my college career."


Pictured is Kayla Snyder. Submitted photo Kayla Snyder

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2020

"I would definitely recommend this trip to any student who wants to expand on knowledge about a place abroad and learn about the different forms of media. This class provides the perfect opportunity to learn about foreign places and also experience it. I also recommend this trip for students who are afraid of flying abroad; it’s the most comfortable way being surrounded by an entire group of people who are like-minded and excited for the journey."


Pictured is Diego Febres-Cordero. Submitted photo. Diego Febres-Cordero

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2020

"I would recommend this opportunity to any student. The experiences you have are amazing and eye-opening. I have never seen a public relations agency in the United States, and it was incredible for me to start visit international, award-winning agencies. This class has set my employment standards through the roof of what they once were."


Pictured is Angela Altieri. Submitted photo. Angela Altieri

B.A. in public relations and advertising, 2019

"I would recommend this class hands down! Having the opportunity to go abroad in a safe environment is really great. I highly recommend it for those who love traveling, but aren’t sure they’ll get out of the country or want to go on their first big trip without parents. The class work was also really interesting; being able to pick what I wanted to research for my papers and presentations let me explore new ideas."


Pictured is Kim Roberts. Kim Roberts

B.A. in multimedia and public relations and advertising, 2015
Communications coordinator, Senator John Heinz History Center

"The Fallon Travel Fund helped me go on the trip of a lifetime to London, Paris and Northern France during my junior year. Thanks to the support of the fund, I was able to fulfill my dream of traveling abroad for the first time. My experience was unforgettable, and it sparked a passion for travel that I can't wait to continue pursuing throughout my life. I'm so grateful to the Fallon Travel Fund for giving me the opportunity to explore new places, experience different cultures and make lifelong memories."


Pictured is Thaddeus Covaleski.Thaddeus Covaleski

B.S. in intelligence and national security, 2015
Supreme court police officer, Washington, D.C.

"Having the ability to travel with the Honors Program during my time at Point Park University was one of the most beneficial pieces to my education. I was able to meet and converse with other honors students from all over as well as immerse myself in the cultures of the destinations. These trips are the perfect blend of academic and cultural education. They provide the perfect opportunities for educational and social growth to all students through a different lens than the traditional classroom. My memories from my travels with the Point Park Honors Program will stick with me for a long time."

Pictured is Marina Weis. Marina Weis

B.A. in journalism and multimedia, 2014
Office Manager, Gecko Robotics, Inc.

"I went to Germany for two weeks with Point Park's International Media class in 2013. We met professionals in the country's leading media companies who shared their history and visions and gave us exceptional access to their inner workings. We also had time to explore Germany's rich culture in Berlin and Munich and Austria's castles. The experience undoubtedly opened my mind, and in a more practical sense, I've used it in my resume and in professional conversation. I would not have been able to experience and document this incredible opportunity if it were not for the help I received from the Fallon Travel Fund. Point Park gave me the knowledge, but the Fallon Travel Fund awarded me the experience."


Pictured is Nick Moran.Nick Moran

B.A. in psychology, 2015
Counselor, Montefiore Health System, New York City

"The Fallon Travel Fund aided me on countless trips during my four years at Point Park University. Without the Fallon Travel Fund, I would have never had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Regional Honors Council Conferences in Niagara Falls, N.Y. and Gettysburg, Pa. In addition, the Fallon Travel Fund assisted me and a fellow classmate, Christina Wisniewski, with our trip to Chicago to present our research at the American Psychological Association's Division 32 conference. These experiences wouldn't have been possible without the fund, and because of it I was able to gain experiences that I believe led to my acceptance at Columbia University in New York City for graduate school."


Pictured is Dana Bohince.Dana Bohince

B.A. in multimedia, 2016
Communications and development specialist, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh

"Traveling abroad was something I always wanted to do, but figured wouldn't happen for a long time due to financial limitations. The Fallon Travel Fund made that travel goal, which seemed far off, possible for me. With the help of a scholarship, I was able to visit Spain and Portugal, experience other cultures, make great memories and expand the value of my college education by studying various mass media fields abroad. It was a one-of-a-kind opportunity, and it was attainable with the help and attentiveness of the scholarship."


Pictured is Connor Mulvaney. Connor Mulvaney

B.A. in photojournalism, 2015
Social justice and project support coordinator, Chatham University 

"My trip to Germany with Point Park's International Media class was one of the most valuable experiences of my college career. I came home with a greater understanding of mass media than I could have imagined while sitting in the classroom, as well as a unique cultural experience that I will always remember. All thanks to the aid I received from the Fallon Travel Fund."