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Preparing students for college is one of the essential responsibilities a high school education must take into account. To help make the transition easier, Point Park University offers several programs for high school students to better prepare for their future. These programs allow the student to earn college credits while still enrolled in high school.

We offer a variety of different programs ranging from taking college-level courses in your high school, to joining us on campus for the full college experience. Whether it is developing the correct study habits, learning how to juggle the appropriate workload, or even navigating a college campus, the College for High School Students program is available to help the incoming students as much as possible.

  • College in High SchoolCourses are taken at your High School – organized through your high school instructors. The application comes from the high school instructor.
  • College NowCourses are taken at Point Park University – exclusive permission only.
  • Dual EnrollmentCourses are taken at Point Park University – Students self select by applying on your own.
  • Community and Summer EducationReady to learn more? Additional learning opportunities are available today!

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