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It is important that you file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid by the suggested priority financial aid deadline, which depends upon the semester you plan to start. Point Park begins to process financial aid applications for the fall term in the preceding spring.

  • Incoming freshmen, transfer students, part-time students and graduate students for Summer and Fall begin in late February
  • Continuing students begin April 15

All students are formally notified of their financial aid awards in a letter sent to the home address via the U.S. Postal Service. After the start of the semester, you will be notified of any changes in your financial aid via your Point Park University e-mail account. If your family's financial situation changes due to job loss or other circumstances, please consult the financial aid appeals process.

Once application processing begins, financial aid applications are reviewed weekly on a continuous basis.

When Will I Receive Financial Aid?

Financial aid administered by the Office of Financial Aid is paid (disbursed) after the add/drop period of each term, provided that you have:

  • Responded to all requests from the Financial Aid Office for additional information.
  • Enrolled at least half-time (6 hours for all types of students) or full-time according to grant and/or scholarship guidelines.
  • Completed required entrance counseling and signed all Master Promissory Notes (MPN) required for student loans, as detailed at

How Will I Receive Financial Aid?

Direct Application of Aid to Your University Student Account

Grants, scholarships, and loans administered by Office of Financial Aid are first applied directly to your University student account to pay for tuition, fees, room and board and other university charges. Financial aid awarded for a specific term can only pay for charges for that same term. Financial aid administered here is paid to your University student account after the add/drop period of each term.

Aid That Exceeds Your University Student Account Charges

If the total of your financial aid exceeds the charges on your University student account, these funds will be refunded to you. Refunds are processed by the Student Accounts Office.

Private Scholarships and Grants

When your scholarship or grant payment from a private source is sent to the University, it will be applied to your University student account, one-half for each semester, unless otherwise specified by the scholarship sponsor. You will not receive a credit for financial aid from a private source until the payment actually arrives at the University. If the payment creates a credit balance on your University student account, the credit will be refunded to you. It is your responsibility to report to the Student Accounts Office all financial aid received by you from any source.


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