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Student must fill out a Leave of Absence form if the student is a) on-ground and will miss one semester or b) online and will miss two consecutive eight-week sessions.

Once a leave of absence form is submitted, the student is granted leave and is eligible to return to the University within one-year from the date the form was officially processed.

  • All University scholarships or grants will be renewed for the semester that you return.
  • There is no guarantee about State or Federal financial aid. State and Federal aid is based on the FAFSA for the semester you return.

Federal Student Loans

For the Federal Direct Student loan, after you graduate, leave school, or drop below half-time enrollment, you have a six-month grace period before you must begin making payments. This grace period gives you time to get financially settled and to select your repayment plan before your payments are due. The six-month grace period starts on the last day of attendance at the University.

Returning to school before the end of the six-month grace period ends:

  • Reenroll in school at least half-time before the end of your six-month grace period, you will receive the full six-month grace period when you stop attending school or drop below half-time enrollment again.

Returning to school after the six-month grace period:

  • If you enroll in school at least half-time after the six-month grace period, you will not be granted another six-month grace period when you stop attending school, drop below half-time enrollment or graduate. You will start repayment of your loan immediately. 

Repayment example with leave of absence during summer and fall semesters:

  • Last day of attendance at the University is in April
  • Your six-month grace period would be from May to October
  • Payment will have to be made on your loan for November and December
  • Once you start back to the university in January and are enrolled for a minimum half time status, your loan payments will be deferred while you are in school.
Once you leave the university, drop below half time status or graduate, you will need to resume making student loan payments immediately.