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Welcome to Point Park University


A Great University That Feels Like Home

You see many advantages to studying in the U.S., but no doubt you have questions and concerns, too. As an international student, you will be making great sacrifices — leaving behind family, friends, a familiar lifestyle and more.

But rest assured, you will feel immediately at home at Point Park University. Point Park’s International Student Services and Enrollment (ISSE) is committed to helping you succeed as an international student.

We serve as a single point of contact, guiding you every step of the way — through the admission process to your arrival on campus and throughout your years at Point Park.

One Point of Contact

From day one, our ISSE office will help you to feel welcome and comfortable in your new community.

For that reason, our ISSE office provides:

  • Ease - We won't shuttle your application to another office after you have been accepted, we help through the whole process of becoming a Point Park student.
  • Convenience - You'll work with a single point of contact as we assist you with everything from the application process, scholarships and visa compliance, to employment advice, immigration issues past graduation and more.
  • Family help - When your family needs answers, they will also have just one number to call.
  • Personal service - You will know everyone that works in the ISSE office, and they will know you.
  • Scholarships - We offer very generous scholarships to make a Point Park education affordable.
  • Activities and events - We sponsor programs to help international students get integrated into the campus community.

Let Us Help

The International Student Services and Enrollment is ready to help you. Whatever your question, whatever your need, please don't hesitate to contact us .

International Student Services and Enrollment
Point Park University
201 Wood Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15222, USA

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