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Awards for full-time students are determined on the basis of:

  • Academic achievement
  • Artistic or athletic talent, and
  • Financial need

What is Financial Need?

  • Financial need is the difference between what it costs for you to attend Point Park University and how much you and your family can reasonably be expected to contribute to those expenses.
  • Point Park University develops a financial aid budget that takes into consideration direct costs (tuition, fees, and room/board) and indirect costs (books and supplies, travel, and personal expenses).

What is Student Aid Index (SAI)?

  • Determined through a standard called federal needs analysis methodology, which measures a family's ability to pay for higher education. The FAFSA is the form used to collect data needed to perform needs analysis.

How is the Federal Needs Analysis Performed?

  • To determine a student's financial aid eligibility, the University subtracts the student's student aid index (SAI) from his or her budget and awards funds available through federal, state and institutional aid programs.

Can I file an appeal for additional financial aid?

  • Yes. To begin an appeal for additional financial aid, students and families may email the financial aid office at, using the subject line "Financial Aid Appeal." We will need a detailed description of the student's circumstances and need for additional assistance. Point Park's financial aid appeals committee reviews appeals every week and shares its decisions in a formal letter through U.S. mail as promptly as possible.