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Point Park University educates students in a diverse environment and prepares graduatesto apply knowledge to achieve their goals, advance their professions and serve their communities.

Point Park allows audits within our courses:

  • To encourage continuing education to Point Park University alumni and community members, and
  • To provide for current Point Park Students to explore other academic areas and/or brush-up on particular subjects.


  • Any current Point Park University student, Point Park University alumnus, or community member may sit in on one course per semester if the faculty member has agreed to the audit, the individual meets the required prerequisites, and there is a seat available.

  • There will be a $50 fee per course.

  • No credit will be granted, and there will be no transcript kept of this activity.

  • There is no refund of the $50 fee.

  • The individual will be required to be prepared for the class so as to add to the discussion.

  • No tests, papers, projects, etc. will be required.

  • There will be a maximum of three non-students permitted in any one course.

  • The status may change from a non-credit audit to a regular student at any time during the Schedule Change period by gaining acceptance to Point Park University, enrolling, and paying full tuition and fees.

  • A Non-Transcripted Student Audit identification card will be issued. This permits the individual access to the classroom building and provides the privilege of attending the agreed upon course. No other privileges are granted, including, but not limited to: library use, Point Park University events, and discount tickets.


STEP ONE: Apply to Point Park University
The student needs to apply officially as a part-time student non-degree student. The Office of Admission will need proof of high school graduation or unofficial college transcripts to process the application.

An interested person should contact the Office of the University Registrar to be placed on a waiting list for a particular course. The Office of the University Registrar will check with the faculty member for permission to audit. The student must complete an audit form and $50.00 fee to the Registrar’s Office.

The individual will work with the Center for Student Success to register for the course and will be notified the day before classes begin whether or not a seat is available.

Please Note:

  • With the exception of CINE 302, Cinema Authors, under no circumstances may any course beginning with the prefix CINE be taken as a non-transcripted audit.
  • Under no circumstances may any course beginning with the prefix DANC be taken as a non-transcripted audit.
  • Any course beginning with THEA may be audited with the approval of the Instructor, Unit Head and the Chair.
  • Under no circumstances may any Conservatory private instruction course be taken as a non-transcripted audit including, but not limited to: Private Voice, Private Piano and/or Private Pilates.