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Female student is enjoying time in the University Center.

Welcome back!

At Point Park, we know that you have big plans, but sometimes life gets in the way. If you started but did not complete a Point Park degree, there's no time like the present to pick up where you left off.

Our goal is to help you finish the degree you've always wanted. And you'll find that our flexible class schedules and one-on-one assistance are designed to make that goal achievable.

Who should complete the readmit process?

  • Undergraduate on-ground students who are seeking full- or part-time status but haven't taken a class at Point Park in the previous semester. Please refer to the Leave of Absence and Re-Admission policy in the undergraduate catalog.
  • Undergraduate online students that haven't taken a class at Point Park in the past two consecutive eight-week sessions.
  • Students who are seeking graduate status but haven't taken a class at Point Park in the past two consecutive eight-week terms or 15-week semester.

We are excited to welcome you back and we'll do most of the work!

Returning to Point Park is easy:

Undergraduate Leave of Absence & Re-Admission

A student must fill out a Leave of Absence form if the student is a) full-time or part-time and will miss one semester or b) online and will miss two consecutive eight-week sessions. Failure to do so will require the student to go through readmission in the Office of Admission and to follow the program of study in effect during the term of return.

A student must have a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.0 or above to apply for a leave of absence. A student granted a leave of absence may return and maintain the same degree requirements that the student was following during the student's last term of attendance at the University. Any university financial aid will be maintained. There is no guarantee about State or Federal financial aid. Please see the Office of Financial Aid.

Former students re-applying for admission to the University are subject to the same fees and evaluation processes as first-time applicants. Re-admitted students will continue their studies under the provisions of the graduation requirements in effect when they return to the University. If the desired degree's program has substantially changed, the student may be moved to new degree requirements.