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Transfer students are those who have already completed a minimum of 12 credits at another institution. A student who has completed college work only at his/her high school, while still in high school, is NOT a transfer student.
Your enrollment office will provide you with a detailed list of transfer courses, and how they apply to your chosen program. Application of transfer credit is important, as some credits transferred may not be required in your program. If you haven't yet applied and would like to see what may transfer you can do so by visiting our transfer equivalencies page.
In most cases, yes, the credits may be transferred. We can help you to determine what credits can transfer, as well as what may or may not be applicable to your program.

Current students must seek approval from their advisor to take courses outside the institution. Visit the forms page to request to take a course at another institution.

Point Park offers many different majors, and as well, different delivery formats. We can help you to decide which program is right for you depending on your goals, your schedule and your previous work completed. Please contact the admissions office to speak directly to an admissions counselor. Choosing a major can have a significant impact on how many of your credits apply to your program.
The time it will take to complete your degree will depend heavily upon your choice of major, your previous courses taken, the type of program you choose and the number of credits taken each semester. Point Park has several programs that will accept your entire associate degree, having you enter into the program either full time or part time as a junior.
Yes. Full-time transfer students are welcome to submit an application for on-campus housing.
Point Park has many forms of aid, both need and merit-based for the transfer student. We can help you with what would apply to you as a new transfer student.
No. Transfer credits are computed as courses carrying no grade point average.
Point Park will not grant credit for remedial, physical education or other analogous courses designated as non-transferable. Additionally, transfer courses must have been passed with a "C" or better. Please see the University catalogs page for all academic policies regarding transfer credit.

Contact admissions by phone at (412) 392-3430 or 1-800-321-0129, or by email at if you have any additional questions regarding transferring to Point Park.