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The Alumni Association Board of Directors is composed of individual alumni who have expressed an interest in serving and who have signed a commitment form that details expected board engagement. A board member serves as an ambassador, fierce advocate, and reliable partner to the University.

Mission: The Point Park University Alumni Association Board of Directors (the Board) is committed to upholding the University’s mission, vision, and values through voluntary participation of its members, and seeks to create a more accessible, inclusive, equitable, and engaged alumni community.
Vision: The vision of the Board is to be an active alumni presence and voice that holds itself and the University responsible for representing the ongoing physical, emotional, and financial welfare of the University community.
Values: The Board values the tenets of shared governance, mutual respect, empathy, equity, and inclusion.
Ethos: The Board aims to promote the interest and welfare of the University; to foster effective communication between the University and alumni; to provide a means of closer fellowship among alumni; and, to foster an atmosphere that promotes alumni engagement with the University through events, programs, volunteer and speaking opportunities, and participation in philanthropic activities.


The Point Park University Alumni Association

  1. The Alumni Association is a non-dues-paying body, consisting of all persons who have earned a degree or certificate, or have taken coursework towards a degree from the University. 
  2. The interests of the Alumni Association are represented by the Alumni Association Board of Directors composed of University alumni volunteers.
  3. Members of the Alumni Association at large have no voting rights on the Board of Directors

Board Member Expectations: To be considered a board member in good standing, individuals must adhere to all applicable University rules and regulations, policies and procedures, as well as federal, state, and local laws. Board members must also adhere to the expectations listed in the commitment form that they sign on an annual basis.

The Distinguished Alumni Award (DAA) Committee: This committee is most active in the late fall semester leading into the spring semester and assists with the advertisement of the Distinguished Alumni award, reviews applications through blind review, conducts interviews, and attends the awards ceremony the weekend of graduation.

Distinguished Student Award (DSA) Committee: This committee is most active in the spring semester and assists with the blind review of graduating undergraduate, masters, and doctoral candidates nominated for the awards by faculty and staff. Committee members review nominations, conduct interviews with prospective award recipients, and when possible, attend the awards ceremony.

Distinguished Student Success Scholarship (DSSS) Committee: This committee is most active during the spring semester, completing a blind review of applications for two alumni scholarships and conducting interviews with finalists.

Community Engagement Committee: This year-long committee works with the University Advancement Office to propose and support alumni events, meets with prospective Alumni Board of Directors members, helps establish regional and affinity groups for the alumni association, and strives to create a more inclusive alumni community across the globe. This committee also writes notecards to admitted students.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Committee: This year-long committee collaborates with the University’s Center for Inclusive Excellence and the University Advancement Office to offer programming to alumni both within and outside of the Board in the realm of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This committee also addresses any issues that emerge on the Board, and hosts space to those who have been harmed.

The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented to Point Park University alumni who exemplify the mission, vision, and values of Point Park University. They have positively contributed to their communities - personal and professional - upon graduation and are someone who Point Park University would be proud to recognize. They are individuals who contribute to society through academic and professional excellence as well as foster a community of mutual respect and diversity, encourage innovation, ensure integrity and ethics in their actions, and facilitate civic engagement.

2022 Awardees

David Peart '84

Olivia Lynch '13

Debra DeCourcy '82 


The Distinguished Student Award is presented each year by the Point Park University Alumni Association Board of Directors, to one graduating undergraduate student, one graduating master's student and one graduating doctoral student. The award winners are chosen on the basis of academic excellence, volunteerism/community service, and exemplary character. The Board is in search of students who are great assets to the Point Park community as a whole. 

2022 Awardees

Brandon Graham


Romeo Kihumbu


 Zach Reed

Join our team!

The Point Park University Alumni Association is looking for energetic, diverse, and committed individuals to join the Alumni Association Board of Directors. For more information please email AlumniBoardPresident@PointPark.EDU. Thanks so much for your interest!