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Apprenticeships are available for students who are majoring in any mass communication or performing arts field.

Conservatory of Performing Arts

Conservatory of Performing Arts apprenticeships are awarded to those who demonstrate extraordinary talent. The assignment of an apprenticeship may be in any area within the University and is not limited to the COPA area.

The apprenticeship hours will be assigned around a student's academic schedule and may include weekends. Hours are not to exceed 10 hours per week.

School of Communication

The apprenticeships allow students to gain work experience in their field before applying for an internship at outside companies, firms and institutions. To apply, students will need to write a cover letter explaining their current skills and the reason that they would like to work in this specific area. Include a resume and some work samples, such as a videotape, DVD, photographs, article clippings, etc. Students must maintain at least a 2.5 overall QPA. Students are paid an hourly wage for a School of Communication apprenticeship and work approximately 8 hours per week.

Contact Information

For information about School of Communication apprenticeships, please contact Tara Maziarz Myers at or (412) 392-4730.