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On-Campus Employment

Other campus jobs (not considered federal Work Study) are also available to students. Employment opportunities include:

  1. Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  Contact:  (412) 392-3448
  2. Culinart (serves the cafeteria and Point Café):  Contact:  (412) 392-3829
  3. Center for Student Success - Tutoring Services:  Contact:  Michael Elko (412) 392-8132
  4. Athletics Department - Van Drivers.  Contact the Athletics Department at 

Off-Campus Employment

Off-campus employment opportunities are listed through Handshake, the Professional Career-Readiness Center's Job and Internship resource:  To learn more about Handshake and the Professional Career-Readiness Center, please click here to access the Professional Career-Readiness Center webpage.  You are also welcome to call the Professional Career-Readiness Center at (412) 392-3950, or send an email to with any questions.