Graduation Application - Masters

Students may complete their degree requirements at the end of Fall, Spring and Summer (August) terms. All requirements for the degree must be completed by the end of the term for which application is made. Only applicants with a cumulative QPA of 3.00 or above will be considered.

Deadlines for application are:

  • Fall - July 31
  • Spring - September 30
  • Summer - January 30


To meet newly revised Federal requirements on the collection and reporting of race and ethnicity, please take time to answer the following two questions. You may have been asked similar questions in the past, and we apologize for any inconvenience in having to collect this data again.
1) Are you Hispanic/Latino?
2) Regardless of how you responded to question 1, please choose one or more race(s) from the list below:

If you answered question 2, please also make sure that you answered question 1.

Term and Year of Graduation:
Student ID#::   
Full Name:
Present Mailing Address
Number and Street:   
Home Phone:   
Work Phone:   
Permanent Mailing Address
Number and Street:   
Alternate Email:       
Term originally applied for:   
Do you intend to return to Point Park?
If yes, when: 
In what program: 
What do you think are the greatest strengths of Point Park University?:
What do you think are the weaknesses of Point Park University?:
Do you have any specific suggestions for the University to improve its services and/or instruction?:


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