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2016 PPP DennisAlumni Spotlight

Degree Earned: B.A. in Theatre Arts
Class Year: 2006
Current Occupation: Actor/Producer/Director/Writer
Current Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif.

Sometimes You Take the Plunge

Becki Dennis, '06 had a big decision to make - stay in Boston where she was running a business and working what film opportunities she could get, or move to Los Angeles to grow her acting career. She chose to take the plunge and move to L.A. in order to take on a trial period of representation with The Entertainment Lab during last year's pilot season. The gamble paid off when the company officially signed Becki for the fall television season. Due to work obligations, however, Becki's husband could not immediately follow her, so the couple spent several months apart, visiting one another on opposite sides of the country. "My husband is one of my biggest supporters and encouraged me to do this." He was finally able to join Becki on the west coast full-time in January.

I Didn't Think I Could Pursue Film

"I thought you had to have a certain look or a certain body type to be in the movies or be on television, so I decided to focus on theatre in my early training and career." While in Pittsburgh, Becki was very active in the acting community in and around the city, performing with both the Jewish Community Center of Pittsburgh and the Kuntu Repertory Theatre. "I've recently discovered that I am actually a better fit for film and television rather than the stage." Becki has already made progress on her pathway to the screen. Prior to coming to L.A., she played the lead role in the independent film Spin the Plate, Amy Adams' nanny friend in American Hustle, and a receptionist in Ted 2. Since coming to Los Angeles a little more than a year ago, she has been the assistant director of the short film, The Leftovers, acted in a commercial for Just Dance, and now she is focusing on co-creating and co-starring in a comedy web series, How to Make it in Hollywood, scheduled to be released summer of 2016.

Follow Your Heart and Leave Your Mark

"I hope I am remembered as a hard worker who wasn't necessarily handed everything. I had to learn to work for what I get. A lot of people are following what I am doing out here in L.A. and have said that I am inspiring them to go for their dreams. I would like to continue to be someone who inspires people. It might not be the most practical thing, but if that's what your heart says to do, do it."

Great Training Is Everything

"The best advice I can offer to students today is to take advantage of the great training [at Point Park]. They can have fun, but take advantage of that training because a lot of people in the industry don't have the benefit of the type of training Point Park has to offer."

Photo taken by: Peter Konerko

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