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2015 PPP MendezStudent Spotlight

Major: Photojournalism
Class Year: 2017
Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica
Campus Leadership: President Pro Tempore for United Student Government, Chair of Internal Communications for Pittsburgh Student Government Council
Activities: Radio Host for WPPJ, Staff Photographer for The Globe
Professional Experience: Intern with Pittsburgh-based online publication NakYouOut

Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

As an international and transfer student at Point Park, Shayna Mendez, '16, was forced to step outside of her comfort zone when she arrived in Pittsburgh and began her studies in the School of Communication. "If I had the chance to speak to my 17-year-old self, when I was just starting university, I would tell myself to be more confident, be more willing to disassociate yourself with people you don't have a good feeling about, and to do things that make YOU happy first, before pleasing others."

Coming from an arts school, Shayna was also struck by the diversity at Point Park. "My biggest surprise since I started school here would definitely be how many diverse majors and personalities meld at Point Park. Transferring from an arts school in Miami where most people were doing the same major and had the same interests, it was definitely refreshing to see and interact with people with varied interests and majors."

Telling Stories through a Camera Lens

"I am studying photojournalism because I want to be able to connect people through the universal language of photography and tell their stories through a lens. I plan on taking my degree, traveling and exploring different cultures, gaining an understanding of their people and sharing their stories through a photojournalistic eye."

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