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2015 PPP ZellmerStudent Spotlight

Major: Musical Theatre
Class Year: 2018
Hometown: Sacramento, Calif.

The Rewards are Worth the Sacrifice

For musical theatre major Sierra Zellmer, '18, there has only been one path - and that journey is worth all the work and sacrifice.

"I am studying musical theatre because there's nothing else in the world that makes me happier. With this major, working hard in school is a blast rather than a pain. My biggest surprise since starting school here is how easily my body can adjust to the workload at Point Park, when I push myself. The professors here push me physically, mentally and emotionally, and I would have never thought I could handle it, but I have been able to adjust and push myself to the level that my professors expect. It is a great feeling! My biggest challenge so far is being across the country from home. I never in a million years thought I would be the kind of person to get homesick, but it is very hard being so far away and not being able to go home for some holidays and breaks."

We Are Family

Despite the hard work and distance from home, Sierra has found a home at Point Park that provides the necessary support for her to continue on her journey towards a career on stage.

"I chose Point Park for many different reasons. COPA is a conservatory that pushes students and preps them for a real-world career in performance, yet still offers bachelor's degrees, which was something my parents always wanted for me, rather than getting a certificate at a two-year program. I also love the urban campus, everyone is incredibly friendly and we all feel like one big family! Before I officially enrolled at Point Park, I was actually accepted into the class ahead of me. I had to postpone my acceptance for one year, but was still added to the musical theatre Class of 2017 Facebook page and got to know some of the students in that class. When I finally got to Point Park, I had a group of people that recognized me and greeted me on campus. I have to thank those people for being so friendly and welcoming. It is truly a tribute to how much Point Park is like a family!"

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