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Pictured is Katelyn Reese, 2015 instructional studies alumna and agent for New York Life. | Photo by Sydney DarrinMeet Katelyn Cordido Reese

Job title: Associate Partner
Employer: New York Life
Degree earned: B.A. in Instructional Studies with a minor in Business Management
Graduated: May 2015
College activities: Point Park Women's Softball
Scholarships from Point Park: Presidential and athletic scholarships
Hometown: Cresson, Pa.
High school: Penn Cambria High School
Now living in: Pittsburgh, Pa. (Mount Washington neighborhood)
Hobbies/interests: Coaching and being with my husband and dog
LinkedIn: Katelyn Reese

Why did you choose Point Park?

I chose Point Park for both the academic and athletic programs, the urban campus which guarantees endless possibilities, the intimate classroom settings and the University's overall welcoming environment.

What factors made you decide to major in instructional studies?

I originally wanted to be an elementary school teacher but as I spent more time at Point Park, I became very interested in the business field as well. So during my sophomore year, I changed my major to instructional studies, which is a broader education major, and added a minor in business management. I wanted to have the option of working with children in an educational setting as well as explore my business interests.

How did you land your position with New York Life right after graduation?

Steven McGarrity, who is now by boss, emailed me for an interview after coming across my resume posted on and He was impressed with my educational and athletic background. After doing research about the company and its rich history, I fell in love with the idea of protecting and financially making things happen for families and various people in the community by educating them about their options and opportunities they may not know they have. After several interviews, Steven and I knew we'd be a good fit. I started working for New York Life in June.

What are your key job responsibilities and how have your Point Park classes helped you?

My main responsibilities include meeting with clients, marketing myself as an agent for New York Life, bringing various problems and issues back to the team to create plans for clients, pursuing educational and training opportunities, understanding market trends and more.

My education classes at Point Park gave me many experiences getting in front of a room of people to present or educate. I have far more confidence now than I did when I entered college. My business classes have given me a better understanding of the corporate and financial world, its elements and how I can push myself as well as my practice, to the next level.

Who influenced you during your time at Point Park?

There have been many people at Point Park who have influenced me during my time there and still do today. Some have even become clients of mine. Dr. Darlene Marnich was probably the biggest influence. She is one of the most supportive women I've met. She makes students a priority and consistently shows them how to better themselves.

Another influence was Professor Ed Meena. His love for Pittsburgh and "go get 'em" attitude has really influenced me to help out the local community and stay disciplined in everything I do. Other people who have influenced me include Women's Softball Head Coach Michelle Coultas, Dr. Elaine Luther, my husband Ricardo (a 2013 graduate who was a management services major and baseball player when I met him at Point Park) and so many others.

What are your favorite college memories?

My favorite memories are playing softball, traveling with my teammates and free food on campus!

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