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Pictured is Bhim Adhikari. Photo by Ethan Stoner.

Photo by Ethan Stoner '26

Meet Bhim Adhikari '24

Job Title & Employer
Seasonal Public Safety Aide, Ocean City Police Department
Criminal Justice
Pittsburgh, Pa.
High School
Pittsburgh Brashear High School
Now Living In
Whitehall, Pa.
Dream Job
FBI special agent
Hobbies & Interests
Watching soccer, movies and TV

"I recommend Point Park's criminal justice program because you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed in your career from those who are among the best in their field."

Bhim Adhikari '24

Why did you choose Point Park University’s criminal justice program?

I chose Point Park University’s criminal justice program as I wanted to learn from those who were formerly in the field and could provide me with the necessary experience and knowledge to excel in the industry. Additionally, Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh location made for an easy commute, and the University's financial aid made it affordable. 

How did you land your role at Ocean City Police Department?

I first read about the job on the bulletin board for the Department of Criminal Justice and Intelligence Studies. Additionally, officers from the OCPD visit our campus annually to talk about the opportunities available for criminal justice students.

My role as a seasonal public safety aide involved patrolling the boardwalk and protecting and serving the residents and visitors of the town. I also received training on tasks like CPR, basic life support and using pepper spray. On my off days, I got to visit the beach, which was a nice perk. 

What did you gain from the experience?

Being a public safety aide gave me hands-on experience and showed me what day-to-day life looks like for police and public safety officers. I was able to sharpen my professional communication, oral communication and report writing skills. The experience reaffirmed my interest in this field, and what I learned in the classroom easily translated to the work I did with OCPD. I was also able to earn credit toward the completion of my degree. 

How did Point Park prepare you for the role?

When I had difficulties understanding my roles, I remembered that asking questions to clarify anything is an essential part of the education that you get at Point Park. Professors Christine Secilia, Ed.D., and Richard Linzer, J.D., bring their real-world experience into the classroom, which is very helpful. Dr. Secilia is a former sergeant, and Dr. Linzer is an experienced lawyer. Students gain a great deal of insight from their experiences. The criminal justice coursework includes a variety of group projects and writing assignments that help us develop our interpersonal and critical thinking skills. 

Outside of the criminal justice program, history Professor Edward Meena, M.Ed., M.A., is one of the best professors I've had. His knowledge is so vast, and he makes challenging concepts easy to understand and more enjoyable. 

What are three things you love about being a student at Point Park?

I love Point Park's smaller class sizes because I'm able to have more one-on-one instruction with my professors. I love how easy it is to commute to the University. I also love the fact that the University is very friendly to its students, and overall, it is a close-knit community.

Why would you recommend Point Park’s criminal justice program to prospective students?

I recommend Point Park's criminal justice program because you will gain the knowledge you need to succeed in your career from those who are among the best in their field. You will receive individualized attention from your professors. The students here are motivated to learn and willing to help each other. Lastly, a mix of online and in-person courses makes for a flexible schedule. 

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