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Meet Dev Darshan Rajpuriya

Engineering Management-M.S.
August 2019
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
High School
St. Kabir High School
Now Living In
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dream Job
Owning an automobile car manufacturing brand or working as a senior business development manager at Mercedes or leading car brand
Hobbies & Interests
Sports (basketball and soccer), helping organize events for the Indian community and other communities, networking (member of Engineering Society of Western Pennsylvania), doing charity work for the homeless, attending start-up company events and I love eating ice cream and dark chocolate   

"I researched a lot of universities, but selected Point Park University since their program prepares you, beyond just technical knowledge, to be an engineering manager ready to work in the industry without any assistance."

Dev Darshan Rajpuriya

Tell us about the internship work you do for Connect Wolf.

As an engineering management intern at Connect Wolf, which is one of the AlphaLab Gear powered programs for new startups, innovative ideas and new product development, I get the opportunity to work with some of the most talented, innovative and diverse people in Pittsburgh

I work on developing financial modelling, projections and strategy as well as the development of market analysis, sizing and strategy. I also manage timelines, progress and goals and help to eliminating obstacles. My other duties include material management, logistics, purchasing, design for manufacturing research, quality assurance, component stress analysis and testing for battery stress and mechanical durability.

I directly report to the CEO of Connect Wolf, Jennifer Sydeski Hurd, and I have learned a lot from her experience and skills. The experience I have gained from this internship is definitely going to help me with my future endeavors and goals. 

What factors made you choose Point Park University to study engineering? 

I selected the Master of Science in engineering management program at Point Park University since the courses are a mixture of business and engineering studies. This has helped me to understand two different point of views and be prepared for the modern present techno-business guided world.

I researched a lot of universities, but selected Point Park University since their program prepares you, beyond just technical knowledge, to be an engineering manager ready to work in the industry without any assistance.

How have your Point Park classes and the faculty helped you in this internship?

They have helped me in a lot of ways. There are instances where I get confused in middle of the project and get off the scope of the project, but consulting my CEO, Dr. Gregg Johnson and other engineering faculty every week helps me to get on track and get projects completed within their respective timeframe and budget.

What are your favorite things to do in Pittsburgh?

I am an adventurous person so I like outdoor activities and exploring different places. Pittsburgh and nearby areas have good camping and rock climbing activities. Being on the junction of three rivers and hilly terrain makes Pittsburgh a beautiful scenic city.

Also, I like to go biking, skating and attend different festivals during the summertime which make the city lively. The cost of living in Pittsburgh is student friendly, and there are benefits to being a student in Pittsburgh such as access to Pittsburgh Playhouse, Carnegie museums and libraries at different locations. Pittsburgh is the best place for students since it is often rated in the top five livable cities and places for new technological and business startups.

What are your career goals and how will your engineering degree from Point Park help you reach them?

I want to be a business owner in the automobile industry or work in another prestigious industry. Point Park's degree program has given me a foundation in engineering management, which with further experience, will strengthen my knowledge of the techno-business world and help me achieve my goals.

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