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Pictured is Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto talking with students in the Ed.D. in leadership and administration program. | Photo by Nikole KostPittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto recently spoke to Point Park University Ed.D. students about a variety of leadership topics.

"We invited Mayor Peduto because of his authentic leadership style and his role in helping Pittsburgh become a resilient city. He also represents a new way for leadership to address the current political climate," explained Eric Stennett, Ed.D., assistant professor of education and director of the Ed.D. in leadership and administration program.

This event was the first of an annual speaker series sponsored by Point Park's education department and its Ed.D. in leadership and administration program.

According to Stennett, the department plans to bring in various types of leaders including CEO, as well as nonprofit, education and sports leaders, to let students see the entire spectrum of leadership styles and theories.

"It is one thing to study and research leadership theory in the classroom, but it is another to have a conversation with leaders in the real world," Stennett said.

"As we learn and discuss elements of leadership and administration in our program, it was beneficial to hear Mayor Peduto talk about his leadership style. He shared a lot about being a collaborative leader and involving those around him before making decisions," said Kamryn York, Ed.D. student, graduate assistant and part-time faculty member.

"I appreciated that Mayor Peduto used his time with us to answer our questions. It was a relaxed environment that lent itself to a productive conversation," York added.

Ed.D. student Kevin Maurer was impressed with Mayor Peduto's vast knowledge of Pittsburgh's history and his ability to make connections with issues facing the city today.

"I was able to gain a better understanding of how decisions are made at the local government level and then make parallels with decisions made in the school setting. Our city and schools are transforming and having this experience allowed for rich discussion around preparing students to be the innovative, creative and upstanding leaders of the future," he said.

Maurer added: "The Ed.D. doctoral program at Point Park University has proven to be one that focuses on creating a prestigious and diverse community of professors, leaders and educators. I am thrilled to be part of such a supportive learning community!"

Photo by Nikole Kost, sophomore photojournalism major

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