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Pictured is Daniel Pomposelli, Point Park elementary education alumnus and middle school business and math teacher at Carson Middle School, North Allegheny School District. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Daniel Pomposelli

Job Title: Middle School Business and Math Teacher (currently teaching keyboarding, math, pre-algebra and algebra)
Carson Middle School, part of North Allegheny School District
Degrees earned:
Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education, Point Park University, 2007 and Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction, Clarion University, 2011
College activities:
Point Park Baseball Team
North Huntingdon, Pa.
High School:
Norwin High School
Now living in:
Pittsburgh, Pa.
Coaching middle school and high school baseball, working out, Tough Mudder competitions, cooking, mountain biking and zip lining

Who inspired you to become a teacher?

My older sister (who is a teacher) and my dad both encouraged me to pursue a career in education. I remember going to one of my sister's classes and thinking, "Wow, this is pretty awesome." And my dad explained to me how this profession would allow me to do two things I really love — coaching and teaching.

What factors made you choose Point Park for a degree in elementary education?

Point Park offered me the best package in regard to a baseball scholarship. Also, I heard about how Point Park was a good school and on the rise. When I entered Point Park my freshman year, it was still a college. By the time I graduated, it was a university.

How did you land your teaching position at Carson Middle School?

I did a lot of interviewing and extensive job searching throughout Western Pennsylvania. On a daily basis, I usually would check the websites of 70-80 schools for openings. Persistence paid off and I landed an interview at North Allegheny. I did well in the first round of interviews and was hired following two more interviews. I'm now in my fifth year teaching at Carson Middle School.

The connections and references the education faculty at Point Park provided me were outstanding and really helped me. The numerous types of positions Point Park education alumni have always amazes me, too.

What do you enjoy most about teaching middle school students?

Their energy and awkwardness — I embrace that. I like to start each day with a clean slate. It's a roller coaster ride here. There's never a dull moment. That's why I love teaching middle school so much.

What are some of your favorite Point Park memories?

Whether I was playing baseball or learning in the classroom, I will never forget the awesome personal relationships I formed at Point Park. The faculty treated you like a real person and always had your back. I'm not sure I would have had that kind of experience at a bigger school.

What advice do you have for male students considering an elementary education degree?

First, realize that there is a high demand in the elementary education field for positive male role models. And second, remember that if you love kids, you won't burn out. I learned this at Point Park. Your students' excitement will be based on as much energy as you put into the classroom.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

I'm very blessed to be where I am today. It's been a very rewarding experience.


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