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Pictured is educational administration alum Adam Sikorski.

Meet Adam Sikorski

Job Title: Principal at Pittsburgh Colfax K-8
Employer: Pittsburgh Public Schools
Degrees earned: Bachelor of Science in elementary education with a concentration in urban education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; Master of Arts in educational administration, Point Park University
Graduation years: 2003 and 2009
Hometown: Mansfield, Pa.
Now living in: Pittsburgh, Pa.

What inspired you to pursue a career in education?

I always knew I wanted to teach because I realized quite quickly the impact which teachers had on my life and on the decisions I made as a young adult. When I taught in the classroom, I had a distinct opportunity to positively impact roughly 25 students per year. However, I realized as a principal I could potentially impact more than 700 students a year! Working in education allows me the opportunity to sculpt leaders; that's the most inspiring incentive within this profession!

How did you land your current position as principal?

I began my career with the Pittsburgh Public School District as a first grade teacher. I was then presented the opportunity to work as a Reading First Literacy Coach. The coaching opportunity then led to me serving as an intervention specialist within the district. It was through this role that I worked closely with the school administration and realized that I wanted to pursue a principalship certification. I was accepted into the Pittsburgh Emerging Leadership Academy and served as a principal resident for 12 months. Upon completion of the program, I was appointed as principal of Pittsburgh Colfax K-8.

Why did you choose Point Park for a master's degree in educational administration?

I chose Point Park for its reputation. As I was considering options, I learned that there were successful former Pittsburgh Public Schools administrators on faculty at Point Park. Additionally, I knew students who were enrolled at Point Park. They spoke with me regarding the rigor of the program and the quality of professors.

Did Point Park's Downtown Pittsburgh location play a role in your decision process?

Absolutely. In fact, it played a major role in my decision to attend Point Park. I was able to walk to the University from where I was living at the time and it also provided the urban setting which I desired.

How would you describe Point Park's education professors?

I would describe Point Park's education professors as experienced. There is so much talent and knowledge on staff. The professors all have intimate knowledge of the necessary qualities to prepare future administrators. The department is extremely responsive to student needs and provided me with real-world experiences which sculpted my ability to effectively lead a school.

What advice do you have for students majoring in education?

Seek out advice from those who have worked within the schools and become an active listener. I encourage any student majoring in education to take the initiative to spend as much time in schools as possible. I would advise students to take what they learn within the classroom and couple it with the ability to form positive relationships with children. Find out what your personal beliefs are regarding children and their ability to learn. Find out why it is crucial to have effective teachers in our classrooms and how it connects to the bigger educational picture within our country. Most importantly, bring passion and energy every day.

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