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Pictured is M.S. engineering management alumnus Emediong Festus.

Meet Emediong Festus

Job Title & Employer
Project Engineer, Intertek
Engineering Management-M.S.
December 2019
Akwa Ibom, Nigeria
High School
Topfaith International Secondary School, Nigeria
Now Living In
Dallas, Texas
Hobbies & Interests
Football, hiking and reading

"Point Park University has a very good Professional Career-Readiness Center, as well as a network of experienced professors who have been in the engineering world for decades."

Emediong Festus

After graduating from Point Park, how did you land your engineering position in Texas?

Most times we fail to utilize the networks and resources available to us. Point Park University has a very good Professional Career-Readiness Center, as well as a network of experienced professors who have been in the engineering world for decades.

Also, faculty at Point Park organize networking events on campus including presentation and discussion sessions with executives from the Engineers’ Society of Western Pennsylvania who shed more light on effective strategies for how students can approach their next career steps after graduating. These strategies helped me land my engineering position in Texas, including networking and adding a recommendation to my application. 

As an international student, why did you choose Point Park University in Pittsburgh for graduate school?

A number of factors influenced my decision to choose Point Park University. One of the key reasons was how the curriculum and courses outlined in the M.S. in engineering management program aligned with my career goals.

My previous educational background and work experiences were very technical so I needed a graduate program to combine my technical skills with my new management skills in order to meet long-term industry demands. The classes accommodated my work schedule, which enabled me to apply what I was learning in graduate school to my job. 

Additional reasons for choosing Point Park were the affordability of Point Park University and the campus being located in the beautiful city of Pittsburgh, which is ranked as one of the most livable cities.

What was your favorite engineering management class and why?

Among the many classes I took in the engineering management program, Management of Engineering, Scientific and Technical Professionals was my favorite class.

The class was very interactive with research and hands-on focused analysis on real-life, industry-style cases. The professor teaching the class was well versed with knowledge, as well as engineering and management experience. Exposure to industry-style cases was a win for me because I have been applying the principles I learned in my engineering career and still make reference to that course material to this date.

What career advice do you have for our engineering students?

My advice to the engineering students is to make the best use of the resources available to them at Point Park University. I strongly recommend every engineering student follow suit and build their own network.

Final thoughts? 

I had the opportunity to be part of a great educational institution. Experienced professors, excellent career development center, career fairs on campus and strong support from the International Student Services and Enrollment Office. I am satisfied that I was able to make the best use of the resources at Point Park University to facilitate my career to the next phase.

A decision to pursue a master’s degree in engineering management at Point Park University is a wise step toward a carefully planned and well-structured framework that can foster the dreams and pursuits to transitioning into a successful career path.

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