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Pictured is Carlene Morgan, global cultural studies student and intern for the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development. | Photo by Chris Rolinson

Meet Carlene Morgan

Major: Global Cultural Studies
Minor: Political Science
Save Your Home program coordinator, Allegheny County Department of Economic Development
Long Island, N.Y.
High School:
Freeport High School
Expected graduation:
May 2016
College activities:
Global Cultural Studies club, Habitat for Humanity and Campus Crusade for Christ
Reading and watching documentaries
Carlene Morgan


Carlene now works for the Homeless Children's Education Fund in Pittsburgh.

What inspired you to major in global cultural studies?

Most of my family members are from England, Jamaica and Panama so that has inspired me to want to work in immigration after graduation. In fact, later today I will be meeting with the outreach coordinator from Catholic Charities of Pittsburgh to talk about prospective internships for the fall with their refugee resettlement program.

How did the Career Development Center help you land your internship?

As a work-study student in the Career Development Center, I've learned great networking skills. Angela Scaramucci, my supervisor, passed along this internship opportunity my way. Also, Point Park's Career Development Center helped me land an internship with the American Red Cross and a job with Pittsburgh's Just Ducky Tours and are assisting me with finding an internship for the fall. They are excellent at helping students prepare their cover letters and resumes before sending them out. I'm grateful for their help.

What are your key internship responsibilities?

I'm a program coordinator for Allegheny County's Save Your Home program. The program is for people who are served with paperwork saying that their house is going to be foreclosed within a certain amount of time. People who are in crisis call my hotline and I connect them to a support system of services. For example, I can help them get enrolled into a court-ordered program if they wish. The program allows them to meet with a housing counselor for free who acts as their lawyer. The counselor helps these individuals work together with a banker or lender to come up with an agreement to see if they can save their house or if they have to sell it.

I also have the opportunity to attend court hearings. I like going to court because I get to see how the work I do matters in people's lives. The people I work with are in crisis so they are often grateful to receive my help.

For what reasons did you choose Point Park?

I discovered Point Park during an Internet search on I knew I didn't want to go to school in a college town. I wanted to be in the city but somewhere smaller and less hectic than New York City. During a campus visit to Point Park, my mom and I really liked Pittsburgh. It was a good distance away which would allow me to gain independence but still be close enough to drive home to my mom.

During the campus visit, I met with Professor Ed Meena and saw how great of a person he was and how much he really cared about his students and his work. I also met with Dr. Emmett Panzella and saw how passionate he was about his students, too. I felt I was making a good decision about going to a school with faculty so passionate about the success of their students.

In what ways will this internship help you with your career goals?

My internship has helped me learn how to assist people who need housing, especially those in the area of refugee resettlement who will need housing when they come to America. This internship also has given me skills in general to help people who are in crisis.

What are your career goals?

In the next five years after graduation, I'd like to work in the area of refugee resettlement on the West Coast as well as take time to job shadow my uncle who has a ministry in India. I also definitely want to get a master's degree, possibly in social work.

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

What I like about Point Park is that the professors are always there to challenge you even when you want to stay in your comfort zone. This has helped me to grow and get out of my own comfort zone. Also, I have met some really good friends at Point Park. You never know who you'll meet here.


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